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Zoom App Marketplace Tops 200 Offerings, Further Extending Zoom into Your Critical Workflows

Zoom App Marketplace Tops 200 Offerings, Further Extending Zoom into Your Critical Workflows

We have seen an explosion of new apps in our Zoom App Marketplace in the last six months. Everything from telehealth apps to integrations with HR applicant tracking systems, our marketplace has become a treasure trove of apps and integrations (200 and counting!) with the ability to put Zoom where you want it most.

One of the fastest-growing app types? Chat apps. These integrations customize and automate alerts from your important collaboration, support, and service apps and ensure you’re in the loop on important updates and issues. Chat apps are popping up like delicious chanterelle mushrooms for a reason, they are now easier than ever to build.

Here are five of our most popular Zoom Team Chat apps: 

  • Github: Manage all the commit events, pull requests, and issue notifications in your GitHub repository in one place — Zoom Team Chat.
  • HubSpot: Easily track sales and marketing activities with HubSpot event notifications delivered in real-time.
  • Jira: Stay up to date on your Jira tasks, including new issues, comments, and assignees in your chosen channels and messages.
  • Trello: Drive collaboration and organize plans when you link your Trello boards and Zoom Team Chat channels.
  • Zendesk: Real-time support ticket notifications better align teams to serve customers faster. 

The best part about the Zoom App Marketplace is how these apps help streamline workflows and manage Zoom solutions for our customers, helping more users meet happy. 

Across workflows, across functions, across verticals, apps help customers be the most effective at their business. For example, you can use Zoom’s native integration with Salesforce to seamlessly meet with customers, efficiently manage sales calls, and automate webinar campaigns. 

“The flexibility and control [of Zoom + Salesforce] is opening new opportunities to innovate how we serve customers and accelerate our digital transformation. We are really excited by the opportunity to integrate Zoom with Salesforce to give advanced levels of insight to our sales and customer care teams before the phone has even been answered!” — Dave Anderson, Head of Business Services at Thomas International 

Investing in growth

We launched the Zoom App Marketplace in October 2018 because our customers were asking for a one-stop shop for integrations with other industry-leading business applications. In building out the marketplace, we took a two-pronged approach: Zoom would build out-of-the-box integration services strategic to our customers, and we would also open up our platform and provide the resources to enable developers to build Zoom into their own products.

Zoom’s App Marketplace brings together integrations, apps, and bots built by Zoom, third-party developers, and oftentimes our own customers, making it easy for Zoom users to extend the power of Zoom for any business need.

HubSpot“We integrated with Zoom because our customers love the platform, and we wanted to make it easier for our customers to use the products they love. With the integration, we now deliver even more value to customers by making HubSpot more seamlessly woven into their common workflows. It’s now one of our most popular integrations.” — Andrew Lindsay, VP, Corporate Development and Business Development at HubSpot

Not only is Zoom continuously investing in building the best app integrations, but our investors are looking to invest in startups who want to build solutions for Zoom customers to improve workflow and business outcomes.

Emergence Capital, Horizons Ventures, Maven Ventures, and Sequoia Capital — all Zoom investors — announced at Zoomtopia 2019 a pitch competition to develop on the Zoom platform for a chance to earn $2 million in funding. The competition provides developers the opportunity to grow their reach and users, while also adding value-producing, high-quality apps that will delight Zoom customers.

Check out the Zoom App Marketplace to discover how easy it is to augment your critical workflows with Zoom’s leading video, webinar, chat, and phone solutions.

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