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7 Zoom Apps to Elevate Your Presentation Game

7 Zoom Apps to Elevate Your Presentation Game

2022 is in full swing, and as we prepare for upcoming virtual events, we’re all on the lookout for tools to take our presentations from mundane to magical. In order to inspire and engage our audiences virtually, we need to elevate our online presentations. Whether you’re preparing for an All-Hands meeting, class, or that big presentation, Zoom Apps has you covered. 

What are Zoom Apps?

Zoom Apps are in-product integrations that let you bring your favorite apps right into your Zoom Meetings. You can enrich your Zoom experience with apps for whiteboarding, note-taking, project management, games, and more!

We know video meetings have become a big part of how you stay connected across your community, and Zoom Apps can help you make your meetings, lessons, and events more efficient, engaging, and fun! 

Here are some of our favorite Zoom Apps for presentation support:

Applause Studio


With virtual applause you can hear, funny GIFs, and animated reactions, Applause Studio makes all virtual meetings and events more engaging and fun – whether a team meeting, class, fundraiser, or religious service. 

If you’re a creator or musician, consider creating a free Applause event to help grow your community. Applause events inspire your audience through a customized landing page, an interactive waiting room, and a unique in-event experience. You can also charge for tickets, earn tips (no link sharing required!), set fundraising goals, link to your merch, and more.



If you want to turn your presentation into a hands-on learning experience, Classkick App for Zoom is for you!

Classkick lets your whole group collaborate and learn together. It’s as easy as sharing a notebook in person. As the presenter, you can watch everyone in the group follow your presentation in Classkick at once. Easily give individual or group feedback and encourage participation with pens, highlighters, voice recordings, picture uploads, digital stickers, and more. You can use auto-graded multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, or use text box Q&A prompts for deeper discussion. 

For more tips and tricks on how to use Zoom in the classroom, be sure to check out our Educator’s Guide for Using Zoom in the Classroom

Karma by Goodera


Powered by Goodera, the world’s largest platform for virtual volunteering experiences, the Karma app helps teams to do good and, feel good during their Zoom meetings. The app intends to elevate team engagement during calls with a value addition of social impact through volunteering. Whether it’s a weekly review, a monthly all-hands, or just another ad hoc meeting, attendees can take simple actions together to support a cause they care about in just 10 minutes!

The app features a variety of “micro” actions curated with nonprofit partners across 100+ countries. Hosts can also choose from featured actions to celebrate ongoing international days and themes, such as International Women’s Day, BlackHistory Month, Earth day, to name a few.

Prezi Video


Create professional, branded presentations over Zoom that engage and inspire your audience. Prezi Video displays you and your content together on screen so meeting participants can enjoy a more personal and interactive presentation. This helps bring life to your sales pitches, trainings, team meetings, and more while keeping your audience focused. And turn any presentation into a two-way interaction by enabling attendees to share on-screen responses (including GIPHY GIFs, Unsplash images, and stickers). 

Read Dashboard


Presentations are hard, online presentations are harder. The Read Dashboard for Zoom tips the scales in your favor by measuring the sentiment and engagement of your audience just like you would if you were in the physical room.

Acting as your meeting navigator, Read tells you how the audience is reacting in real-time so you can adjust your delivery. And better yet, after each presentation, you receive detailed meeting reports to learn from and track your improvements. Read Dashboard is a free service available on Zoom Apps.

Shared Backgrounds

Shared Backgrounds

Bring your team’s A-game to any meeting with the Shared Backgrounds app for Zoom. This app enables you to ensure your team members all have the same virtual backgrounds at the click of a button, helping you create a coordinated and professional experience. 



Whether you’re preparing for All-Hands, class, or seminar, Warmly’s free app for Zoom has you covered.

Take it a step further by presenting anything you’d like hovering over your shoulder in just 1-click: like instantly adding the logo of your client for external meetings or adding a fun conversation starter for internal meetings. 

Ready to get started? 

Getting started with Zoom Apps is easier than ever! To access Zoom Apps in your meetings:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of our client. 
  2. Open Zoom and click the Apps tab in the desktop client or in the toolbar of your next Zoom Meeting. For some accounts, users may need admins to enable the Zoom Apps icon in the account settings for it to be visible in the desktop client and meeting toolbar.
  3. Click Discover to see the list of available Zoom Apps and add your favorites. 

You can also go to the Zoom App Marketplace, navigate to the Zoom Apps category, and add the apps of your choice. Once added, you can find your chosen apps under the Apps icon in the My Apps tab in your client and in the interface of your Zoom Meetings.

Zoom Apps

Your company’s IT admins can also control how Zoom Apps are used across your organization with admin settings. Your system admin may require that you get pre-approval before adding specific Zoom Apps, so be sure that they have pre-approved the apps you would like to use in your meetings.

For more tips to help you prepare for a successful presentation or virtual event on Zoom, check out our blog.

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