Zoom: An Award-Winning Place to Start Your Career

Zoom: An Award-Winning Place to Start Your Career

Did you know that Zoom is one of the best companies to launch and grow your career? We recently received recognition in the 2018 Wealthfront Career Launching Companies List. Wealthfront recognizes companies that are ideal places for young people to start their careers and have a high likelihood of growing into a large and successful company.

Also check out this great Business Insider article that ranks Zoom as one of the 51 best enterprise startups to bet your career on.

What do our Zoomies love about working at Zoom?

“I love working at Zoom because no matter if you’re just starting your career or an industry veteran, Zoom welcomes you with open arms. Regardless of which team you’re on, everyone is extremely helpful and goes out of their way to treat you like family. The culture is like no other that I’ve experienced. It makes you want to push yourself, continue to stretch your abilities, and deliver happiness to others around you because you feel and are a vital part of Zoom’s overall mission. We stand by our motto of delivering happiness, you can clearly see that in the overall solution.” – David Chung, Sales

“At Zoom, we are growing so fast that you’re constantly being asked to stretch yourself and take on new responsibilities. There is no red tape holding you down at Zoom.” – Derek Pando, Marketing

“I love working at Zoom because we’re making the world smaller through human connection! Even though I’m a remote worker, I still feel close to my reps on the East Coast as well as my teammates based out of HQ. Without Zoom and its culture, it would be a completely different work experience.” – Kevin Coleman, Sales

“Because I love to help. I love working at Zoom because of the culture. I see people embracing this culture of happiness every day, and it really shines through in everything they do. I feel this is directly related to why Zoom has been such a great place to start my professional career, because that same happiness means people really want the best for each other and they’re more than happy to help another employee get on the best career path that they can. I’ve had great advice from people in every single section of the company, from engineers to sales to marketing and even executives. People are always ready to help, pull together, and contribute, even as we grow. This is my first ‘corporate’ job, but it’s easy to see how rare and special Zoom’s happy culture is.” – Lynna Hu, HR

“I came to Zoom looking for a culture where everyone united to make a truly fantastic product, and where a focus on customer happiness was the very foundation of the company. I honestly thought I would never find such a unique company, but then I was recruited by a friend over lunch and he told me I would find it at Zoom. My first day at work was new hire training where I listened to Eric’s view of the company and knew immediately that I had found my new family. Every day I have been here I have felt inspired by those around me and remain absolutely blown away by the culture we have built and maintain.” – Chris Gleeves, Sales Engineering

“I love working at Zoom because we stand behind our own solution to boost teamwork and productivity. Instant collaboration across our global offices with Zoom has created a culture of true human connection due to our platform’s ease of use, quality, and reliability. As a multi-lingual professional and citizen of three countries, I see my future growth clearly mapped out with Zoom’s global expansion.” – Dan Roman, Sales

“I love Zoom for the people. Cultural atmosphere is funny in that it can be described in part, but is only truly understood when experienced directly. I have seen Zoom steward a fun, competitive, and healthy environment where transparency, authenticity, and creativity are welcomed. I see Zoom adopting a culture of honor and empowerment that my family and I appreciate and respect. I also appreciate and respect Zoom’s simple yet consistent vision of delivering happiness, as well as the authentic passion in the executive leadership. It has been an honor to be in this culture that has matured and stretched me personally and professionally.”  – Steve Jones, Sales

With all this Zoomie love, it’s no wonder we have 4.9 / 5 stars on Glassdoor too – check out our reviews!

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