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Zoom’s 2nd Annual Social Impact Report Highlights $16.5 Million of Support For Nonprofit Organizations

Zoom’s 2nd Annual Social Impact Report Highlights $16.5 Million of Support For Nonprofit Organizations

This last year has been a monumental year filled with challenge, courage, and resilience. In my role guiding our social impact arm, Zoom Cares, I have the privilege of championing organizations that demonstrate enormous perseverance, strength, creativity, and compassion as they work to serve their communities. Even when faced with the continued challenges of a global pandemic, they are laser-focused on making a positive difference. 

If you are one of these groups, know that we are honored you have allowed us into your world, and we are thrilled to help resource and amplify your efforts. Thank you for all that you do each and every day.  

I’m pleased to share how our social impact team, and Zoom as a whole, have incorporated our company’s core value of Care into our work over the past year. Our second annual Social Impact Report shines a light on the organizations we’ve been lucky to support in 2021 through our community-centered grantmaking, product donations, and employee-led giving — totaling over $16.5 million in funding and in-kind product donations. 

Our partners focus on removing barriers we know young people — especially those from low-income families and communities of color — are faced with daily, including access to innovative learning opportunities, mental health support, social equity, and climate progress. 

Here are a few highlights from the report and our partners: 

Over $11 million in grant funding 

Image courtesy of Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

In 2021, we gave $11.38 million in grant funding to 192 organizations in 41 countries. Their areas of focus are diverse like the communities they serve — from Kaleidoscope Youth Center, a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals in Columbus, Ohio, to Re:Coded, teaching coding skills to students in the Middle East. We also supported local organizations doing important work in the Bay Area community, close to our San Jose headquarters.

Roughly half of our grant funds were guided by our community-centered grantmaking approach, which involved working with expert advisors with deep knowledge of the issues affecting their communities. We’re grateful to these community leaders for sharing their time and expertise to help connect us with impactful grassroots organizations with a particular focus on serving youth, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and people of color.

Keeping nonprofits connected with their communities

Image courtesy of Cambiar Education.

Our technology platform plays an integral role in our overall social impact efforts. Knowing how people and organizations across the globe use Zoom to connect and communicate on a daily basis, we made in-kind product donations valued at $3.4 million to 33 nonprofits operating in 10 countries, enabling them to expand their reach, engage their communities, maintain operations, and deliver innovative solutions to the people they serve.

For example, Cambiar Education has used Zoom to bring mentorship opportunities, guest speakers, coaching sessions, and community-building discussions to students in its program, while CONASEMS, a Brazilian public health organization, virtually trained first responders and medical staff during the pandemic. Read their stories and learn more about the impact of our product in our annual report.

Zoomies love doing good

Our amazing employees donated more than $940,000 in 2021, and Zoom added $900,000+ through our employee giving program, nearly doubling their impact. We’re grateful to these caring Zoomies, not only for their individual contributions to more than 1,000 organizations globally, but also for participating in virtual volunteering efforts and leading fundraisers that brought our teams together to collectively support community causes. 

One of our favorite company-wide fundraising campaigns is Tour de Zoom, a bike competition organized by Zoomies in our Amsterdam office. Last year, with global participation, employees raised nearly $100,000 for 45 organizations including Asociacion Civil Plantarse in Argentina, and the Human Rights Defense Center in Florida. 

Thank you

We are genuinely grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and impactful organizations. I’m excited to share what we’re up to in our social impact efforts, and most importantly, to shine a light on all the important work of our partner nonprofits. 

Please check out the full report for an in-depth look at our philanthropic activities, product donations, employee impact, and more. 

To all those working tirelessly for a more equitable and just tomorrow — we see you and we appreciate you. We send our love. 

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