Zoom Case Study: Centrify Boosts Collaboration with Zoom Rooms and Digital Signage

Zoom Case Study: Centrify Boosts Collaboration with Zoom Rooms and Digital Signage

Interested in Zoom Rooms and workplace Digital Signage? Look no further than our new video case study on Centrify.

Follow Zoom’s product marketer, Janelle Raney, as she explores the Centrify headquarters and talks with their vice president of information technology, Raun Nohavitza. Centrify, a security software company based in Santa Clara, California, has had huge successes using Zoom Rooms, Zoom’s software-based conference room solution. Zoom Rooms’ simple compatibility with off-the-shelf hardware allowed it to be managed by Centrify’s in-house information technology team. “We just set up Zoom Rooms in the UK. It was literally just…picking out the right stuff (hardware), and having it shipped there. I have an IT guy out there two days a week. He picked it up, walked in, set it up, and it was done,” says Nohavitza.

Centrify also uses Zoom Rooms Digital Signage, which is conveniently built into the Zoom Rooms software. “There’s not several applications to manage, there’s just one. I can deploy the same software for the TV in the lobby, for the conference room, and use whichever features I think is most appropriate for that space,” says Nohavitza.

Finally, Nohavitza discussed his experience with the Zoom team. “Zoom has a great concept of customer success. The feeling that I get with Zoom is the company really cares about the customers in a way that’s different from what I’ve seen in other communications organizations. I feel like I’m taken care of,” says Nohavitza.

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