Zoom Case Study: Sonos Engineers Deepen Collaboration on Video

Zoom Case Study: Sonos Engineers Deepen Collaboration on Video

Check out our new video case study on Sonos, where Principal Product Manager Cole Harris, Senior Application Engineer Johny Jacques, and Senior Manager Mike McClintock talk about how Zoom has helped connect their remote offices and improve their workflows.

Sonos is a consumer electronics company specializing in high-end smart speaker systems. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, they have offices in Boston, Seattle, Australia, China, and Europe. By using Zoom, Sonos has been able to connect remote workers in real time for more efficient collaboration.

Zoom Rooms, Zoom’s all-in-one conference room solution, has been especially helpful to the engineering teams. “There’s a challenge when you give engineers a problem to solve. A lot of times they work at their desk or a bench and that’s a very isolated way to solve a problem. In our project rooms we have very high-res overhead cameras that help a colleague in Boston and a colleague in Santa Barbara take a very close look at a certain part. These [Zoom] Rooms are used to give these projects a physical home, a physical identity, where we can spread parts around everywhere,” says Harris.

Since the implementation, Zoom has become an essential tool at Sonos and an employee favorite. “Over the past two years, Zoom has outperformed everything we’ve used before,” says Jacques.

“Zoom has connected us all over the world. Now we have over 170 Zoom Rooms. It’s so easy to connect over Zoom and talk to somebody. Last year we did a collaboration survey of all our collaboration tools and Zoom Video Conferencing ranked number one and Zoom Rooms ranked number two,” says McClintock.

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