Zoom Hits the Enterprise Connect Sweet Spot

Zoom Hits the Enterprise Connect Sweet Spot

zoom -ec14At Enterprise Connect 2014 on March 17, Nick Chong, our Head of Product Marketing, presented on the panel Conferencing Solutions: Which One(s) are Right for you?

zoom - panelThe panel was moderated by Sorell Slaymaker, Research Director, Networking & Communications at Gartner. Nick was joined on the panel by Tom Doria, Strategic Marketing Organization Program Manager, Collaboration Technology Group Solutions at Cisco; Allan Mendelsohn, Director, Enterprise Collaboration Marketing for Avaya; Jamie Stark, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Lync; and Carlos Zamora, VP of BT Conferencing North America.

We were privileged to be on a panel with these big industry players and were thrilled to confirm that we hit the sweet spot for the needs of many companies looking for video conferencing.

The panel was first asked: Does ease of use and low cost trump high quality and high cost? Guess what? Zoom shows that high quality does not necessarily mean a high price tag and a complicated system! Zoom is affordable, we all know that. But did you know that Zoom has HD video and audio? Or that because Zoom was built for video conferencing + web meetings + mobility from the ground up, we have streamlined menus and features to maximize ease-of-use? Well, it’s true!

Next, the panel was asked: Should enterprises select a single strategic conferencing vendor for all their conferencing needs OR support multiple solutions in a tiered services model? We were all over this one. As we said, unlike most solutions, Zoom provides cloud video conferencing, simple web meetings, and mobile collaboration in one straightforward platform. We also offer telephone dial-in. You don’t need to choose multiple solutions – Zoom does it all!

Then the panel was asked: How will the new “Freemium” conferencing solutions disrupt the conferencing market? Zoom is the first and only true freemium service in the market. This means we don’t lure you with a free trial and then start charging. We give you a full-featured, free product to keep, and then if you like it, you can add more features for minimal costs.

zoom - video conferenceFinally, they were asked: Will Video change the conferencing market?  What is the top barrier in video adoption by users? We believe video has already changed the conferencing market. With an affordable, integrated video solution such as Zoom on the market, people are beginning to demand video. The audience stated that cost was the top barrier to video adoption, and once again, Zoom has an answer for that: how does $9.99/month per host sound? It’s affordable for any company!

Did you see the panel at EC14? Let us know what you thought! And if you haven’t tried Zoom yet, sign up for a free account today!





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