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Seamless Face-to-Face Communication Between Patient & Provider Through Zoom and Epic

Seamless Face-to-Face Communication Between Patient & Provider Through Zoom and Epic

Zoom’s secure video conferencing solutions help to improve how healthcare organizations are able to compliantly visit with and treat patients. The Zoom app integration with Epic provides a modern, simplified telehealth process and improves the experience for patients and providers.

Epic is one of the largest purveyors of electronic health records (EHR) technology in the world. With the Epic app for Zoom Meetings, available on Epic’s App Orchard and in the Zoom App Marketplace, providers and patients can easily launch Zoom Meetings right from Epic online health appointments. The app enables HIPAA/PIPEDA compliance through Zoom’s encryption of all audio, video, and screen sharing data. Additionally, the app does not and cannot access any personal health information (PHI), keeping patient data secure.

Communicating face-to-face during an Epic visit over Zoom’s reliable video conferencing solution provides a more convenient and personalized experience for patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. This modern, video-first communications strategy further advances population wellness and health equity initiatives to ensure everyone has access to the care they need.

With the Zoom-Epic integration, physicians can:

  • Be notified via Hyperspace when a patient has joined the scheduled video appointment
  • Start video visits directly from Hyperspace while continuing to document case notes in Epic
  • Invite additional participants to the video visit, like a consulting doctor or interpreter

For patients, this means they can:

  • Launch Zoom from MyChart on their personal computer or mobile device
  • Catch up on important health notifications in the video waiting room when joining the video visit before the provider
  • Receive regular visits, through telehealth sessions, with their healthcare provider at their convenience

Additionally, the Zoom platform offers video breakout rooms, screen sharing with co-annotation features, and other powerful tools, so providers and patients can team up for better health outcomes. These capabilities also enhance communications beyond the patient-provider encounter, enabling video collaboration for review boards, operational sessions, and other important meetings in your healthcare organization.

Benefits of a Zoom-Epic integration

Dozens of healthcare organizations across the U.S. leverage Zoom for hundreds of Epic-based video visits every day. The Zoom-Epic integration has had a significant effect on the way Vanderbilt University Medical Center provides direct-to-patient care. 

Vanderbilt transitioned from a homegrown EHR system to Epic in November 2017 to better enable ambulatory and inpatient care. But the integrated video component required for successful population wellness programs was a challenge.

“It used to be quite expensive to use Epic’s full video integration for telehealth,” said Amber Humphrey, Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s director of telehealth. “Epic now allows health systems to bring their video vendor of choice, and we use Zoom because it provides that context-aware linking but with a much lighter video footprint.”

Humphrey added that clicking just a single button in Epic to launch a Zoom video meeting is helpful for providers and attending nurses, but it’s a difference-maker for patients.

“For a patient who’s not used to getting email invites, accepting them, and then joining, the Zoom-Epic video integration ensures they can access their appointment right from MyChart,” she said. “It’s so much less intimidating for them.”

Guthrie Clinic is a nonprofit integrated health system serving patients across an extensively 12-county service area in rural upstate New York and North-Central Pennsylvania. Guthrie uses Zoom to provide telehealth services to patients through direct Zoom-to-Zoom visits and the EpicCare Link platform. 

“I have been very impressed with the way Zoom works with Epic,” said Jagmeet Singh, M.D., Nephrology, at Guthrie Clinic. “The quality of the video and the audio is very good, and it’s been a great experience so far.” 

Better telehealth with Zoom & Epic

In combining Zoom’s easy-to-use and high-quality, scalable video connectivity with Epic’s strong focus on patient engagement and facilitating remote care, healthcare providers are enabling happy encounters for telehealth and other population wellness programs across the U.S.  

To learn more about the Zoom-Epic integration or to further understand how Zoom is enabling healthcare organizations of the future, schedule a personalized demo with a Zoom product specialist today!

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