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How Did We Put On Zoomtopia 2021? With Zoom Events Conference

How Did We Put On Zoomtopia 2021? With Zoom Events Conference

Zoomtopia 2021 was our second all-virtual user conference with more than 33,000 guests attending from all over the world! It was particularly special for us because we were able to showcase some exciting new virtual event possibilities with Zoom Events, our all-in-one solution for virtual and hybrid events.

We wanted to share a little bit about how we leveraged the Zoom Events Conference solution for Zoomtopia and how Conference will help you engage a global audience, integrate sponsors into the virtual experience, and more simply execute your large-scale event.

After all, when you can count on technology that just works, with robust security features, and that your guests can easily join, you’re able to better focus on designing an amazing virtual experience for your attendees.

What is Zoom Events Conference?

Zoom Events combines our extensive video capabilities with robust event tools, like dedicated event hubs, custom registration and ticketing options, and attendee networking, to simplify all of your virtual and hybrid events – public or private, free or paid. We currently offer single session and multi-session events, with multi-day events and concurrent sessions coming soon in Zoom Events Conference.

When released, Zoom Events Conference will include additional capabilities for hosting, multi-day, multi-track events. We anticipate general availability before the end of the year.

If you attended Zoomtopia 2021, you’ve already witnessed Zoom Events Conference in action!

We built this high-impact customer event – from scheduling live and pre-recorded sessions to building out content tracks to secure ticketing – using Zoom Events Conference, and we hope you noticed the difference.

We leveraged many Zoom features you know and love – Q&A, polling, and chat for real-time engagement, livestreaming to reach a broader audience, and live interpretation and live transcription for a more global, inclusive experience. Here are some features exclusive to Conference that were on display during Zoomtopia 2021 and that you can soon use to elevate your next large event:

  • Session streaming to lobby: Preview live sessions in the conference lobby before joining. During Zoomtopia 2021, you could see which events were in progress or those starting soon, and participate in the lobby chat.
  • Expo Floor (beta): Shortly after the release of Conference, virtual attendees will be able to explore and network just as they would in person with Expo Floor. On the Zoomtopia Expo Floor, you could pop into a product booth, mingle with Zoom experts, and interact with other attendees.
  • Sponsor pages: Provide your sponsors with dedicated pages where, depending on their sponsorship level, they have the ability to chat with attendees and share images, videos, and other assets. Zoomtopia offered platinum, gold, and silver packages for sponsors.

Pretty cool, right? With Zoom Events Conference, you also can:

  • Offer an event that spans up to 5 days
  • Enhance personal networking with individual session chat
  • Provide an itinerary builder for attendees

Best of all, you can easily track event registration, attendance, ticket sales, revenue, and more from the comprehensive Zoom Events dashboard, so you can take all you learned from your event and improve on your next one.

Get early Conference access

Interested in getting early access to Conference on Zoom Events? Contact your Zoom sales rep to learn about how you can host your next multi-day or multi-track event. We’re offering Conference to customers who purchase Zoom Event Services along with their Zoom Events license. Our Event Services team will help you pull off your next big event with ease. To learn more, contact your sales rep, or request a demo

Get more insights

For a glimpse at some of the behind-the-scenes magic during Zoomtopia 2021, check out our on-demand webinar “How We Hosted our Annual User Conference on Zoom Events,” in which Sam Kokajko, Events Specialist on our Global Services and Support Team, walks us through the production side.

To access content from Zoomtopia 2021, including various product and vertical keynotes, customer panels, and deep-dive Zoom sessions, check out our on-demand library.

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