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Fashion Brand Good American Hosts First-Ever Hybrid Casting Experience on Zoom Events

Fashion Brand Good American Hosts First-Ever Hybrid Casting Experience on Zoom Events

At Zoom, we strive to deliver happiness to our customers by giving them one platform to connect with their audiences. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership that aligns with our core value and passion for care in the community. For the first time ever, fashion brand Good American will host its Open Casting calls as a hybrid experience that uses Zoom Events to conduct the remote casting. Winners of the December 2022 casting calls will be featured in the brand’s 2023 spring campaign. 

Good American, founded by Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede in 2016, is known for offering inclusive denim designs made to fit sizes 00-32, and for its campaigns featuring real women who reflect the brand’s dedication to body acceptance and female empowerment. For the past five years, Good American has sought new models from around the world via in-person, open casting events. This year, we’re eager to help Good American extend the reach of their casting event by enabling more women to audition through our all-in-one, virtual event management solution, Zoom Events.

A partnership built to advance inclusivity

Like Zoom, Good American is a brand focused on creating a more inclusive world, and we look forward to the advancement opportunities this innovative partnership will bring to our shared passion. By leveraging Zoom’s secure, reliable, video technology and the robust features of Zoom Events, the Open Casting will be more inclusive than ever. Now, Good American model hopefuls can overcome the geographic barriers that may have prevented them from auditioning in years past and enjoy a new experience with modern accessibility.

Create your own engaging, inclusive virtual experiences

The Good American virtual casting experience is powered by Zoom Events and Zoom’s Event Services team, who provide a range of expertise, including full event management, creative support, technical production, and day-of-show live support. Their white-glove service enables event teams to focus more on attendees and achieving the event’s goals and less on the technical details.  

With hybrid events continuing to rise in popularity, Zoom Events is dedicated to helping brands like Good American create fun, engaging, and innovative experiences for virtual audiences. Not only is it possible to increase attendance through online participation, but our branded event hubs, advanced analytics, and networking tools make it easy to manage, host, and measure a virtual event of any size. 

We aim to help businesses like Good American elevate their marketing strategies and enhance their brand reputation in new markets by reimagining what’s possible with virtual and hybrid experiences. 

Discover how Zoom Events can help you enhance your next online event.

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