New: The Zoom Events Platform for Virtual Experiences

New: The Zoom Events Platform for Virtual Experiences

In October 2020, Zoom announced the launch of its events platform and marketplace called OnZoom. OnZoom (in Beta) has provided paid Zoom users with a comprehensive solution to create, host, and monetize events like fitness classes, music or art lessons, theater presentations, and more using Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars.

We recently unveiled an all-in-one solution that provides customers with the tools to create a wide range of engaging virtual experiences. It’s called Zoom Events.

Zoom Events: Something for everyone

Whether you’re a small business, a large organization, or an entrepreneur in the arts or education, Zoom Events enables you to easily create, host, and manage your online experience. 

Zoom Events …

  • Provides businesses with the ability to create a “hub” where all of their events will be listed with corresponding information about each experience. 
  • Offers event hosts the ability to create multi-session events such as conferences where attendees can network with one another in a virtual lobby.
  • Enables event hosts to provide ticketing and registration for attendees, and the ability to track these activities.
  • Allows larger businesses to seamlessly manage and host internal events like all-hands and sales summits, or external events like user conferences and consumer events. 
  • Offers companies the ability to group internal events together and make them easily discoverable for employees. 

Zoom is excited to empower event hosts with the ability to create unique, engaging virtual experiences. To learn more about this new, expanded offering, visit the Zoom Events page.

Editor’s note June 1, 2021: OnZoom will remain a separate product from Zoom Events, which is planning to launch this summer. Additionally, OnZoom is remaining in beta as we continue to upgrade the product and add features. Zoom Events is focused on large-scale business-focused internal and external events, hosted through Zoom with their own event hub and ticketing platform. OnZoom is designed for businesses to sell tickets for their services or events to consumers.

Editor’s note August 17, 2021: This post has been updated to accurately reflect the availability of Zoom Events.

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