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Zoom Expands Hardware Certification Program

Zoom Expands Hardware Certification Program

Zoom is excited to announce an expansion of its hardware certification program,  which helps our customers identify hardware solutions that integrate seamlessly with Zoom’s platform through extensive testing and validation from third-party labs.  

The Zoom Hardware Certification Program currently supports camera and speakerphone solutions for Zoom Rooms, as well as various devices for Zoom Phone

We are working with our hardware partners to ensure there is a new range of hardware devices built for video collaboration that meet the needs and requirements of our customers to help them stay connected. 

New types of hardware that can go through Zoom Certification:

All-in-One Video Conferencing Solutions

These are full room systems or Zoom Rooms Appliances that include all the primary components required to complete a Zoom Room and offer a frictionless conference room experience, including a camera, microphone, speaker, computer, and Zoom Rooms controller.If you are a manufacturer looking to get your hardware certified, here is the process:

Step 1

Apply for the Hardware Certification Program here.

Step 2

If your hardware qualifies, submit your hardware to go through the testing and certification process. 

Step 3

Receive your Zoom Certified badge and get listed on the Zoom Certified Hardware list and the Zoom hardware partner directory

For more information on the certification program, please visit the Zoom Certified page and stay tuned for more updates coming later this year.

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