Feature Spotlight + Webinar: Annotation is Awesome

Feature Spotlight + Webinar: Annotation is Awesome

This is the first in a monthly series of Feature Focuses. Each month, we will discuss a different Zoom feature in a blog post, and after, you can join a webinar with our Head of Product, Nick Chong, to discuss the feature in more detail and ask questions.

The webinar for the Annotation Feature Focus will be: Tuesday, February 18, at 11 am PST in Nick’s Zoom Room: https://zoom.us/j/888888888, or go to https://zoom.us/join and enter meeting ID: 888 888 888.

Why Annotate?

Zoom - annotation 2When you’re in a meeting, you sometimes have to share something other than your wonderful face. In these instances, you can turn to Zoom’s screen sharing feature. So, you go on Zoom, click the screen sharing button, select what you want to share, and you’re done!

While you’re screen sharing, you might want to draw attention to something specific. What do you do now? “Look over here” doesn’t work, since no one knows where “here” is. “Look at the top left corner” is a bit more specific, but still not great. If only there was a solution to this problem that didn’t involve sounding like a photographer who’s desperately trying to get the perfect pose.

You’re using Zoom, right? Then start annotating!

Annotation gives you a great deal of flexibility when screen sharing and gives your participants a more professional environment to work in.

There are many things you can do with annotations. Here are a few:

Draw Attention Towards Something

When you want people to pay attention to something, you have the option of using the spotlight, highlighter, pen, or arrow. These options each have their specific uses and behave in a unique way that provides harmony to your screen sharing experience.

Zoom - annotationThe spotlight acts like a laser pointer. It turns your cursor into a red dot, directing attention to whatever you like.

The highlighter functions like any other highlighter, allowing you to draw a translucent colored streak over your screen.

The pen is, well, a pen. You can write a poem, draw a graph, make some calculations, or anything else that comes to mind. Unlike the highlighter, the pen is a solid color. You can choose from among 16 colors for both the highlighter and the pen.

And then there’s the arrow. If you’re really looking to draw permanent attention to something, the arrow leaves a placeholder on your screen that will have your name on it.

Let Others Draw Attention Towards Something

Ever tried to direct someone’s attention to something on their own screen? It’s impossible! That’s why we invented one more awesome feature: remote control. While you are sharing your screen with participants, you can just click a button on the top of Zoom’s interface and give complete control of your keyboard/mouse input to another person. You might find that this actually provides an opportunity to better know and understand the people you’re talking to.

Zoom’s remote control feature is very easy to use and practical for many different applications, including tech support, education, arts, and document analysis.

There’s More

We suggest checking out our previous post on whiteboarding, which is like annotation x 100! Online whiteboarding enables the meeting host to draw on an empty canvas. It’s similar to screen sharing, except that you’re sharing a blank drawable surface of your iPad.

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