Feature Spotlight + Webinar: Recording

Feature Spotlight + Webinar: Recording

This is the second in a monthly series of Feature Focuses. Each month, we will discuss a different Zoom feature in a blog post. This month we present…

zoom - recordingHow to record:

So, how do you record? Our fantastic support site has a great guide on how to record your meetings. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel here, so here is the Zoom Recording Guide.

Now that that’s settled, let’s look at the many ways you can use Zoom’s recording feature…

MP4 and M4A files…use any way you want!

When you sell multiple products, sometimes you like to combine them to achieve some synergy. For example, a certain video provider could force you to use its video streaming service for uploading recorded meetings. This isn’t necessarily bad, but the lack of choice should be enough to deter even the most die-hard fan of said streaming service at one point. There’s no guarantee that it will work the way you want it to forever. Also, it might even automatically upload your meeting recordings without your permission.

For this very reason, Zoom just plops MP4 (video and audio) and M4A (audio only) files on your computer after each meeting, letting you do whatever you want to with them. With the file you receive, you can upload it to multiple video streaming services or keep it in your own servers.

Employee Training

Training is a big part of every firm – large and small. New recruits need to learn the ropes, and you need an efficient way to teach them. A trainer, or someone experienced in the way you do things, can get in front of a webcam and pre-record a training session for employees. You can teach them practically anything. Combined with screen sharing, you’ll be able to touch subjects that involve the operation of certain pieces of software such as your CRM or POS interface.

This allows you to save time and money that would otherwise be spent hand-holding your employees. Of course, there still will need to be some hands-on training, but using Zoom significantly reduces the amount of hours you spend doing it.

Employee Reviews

If you have employees that regularly talk to clients (such as inside sales reps), you need a way to monitor their progress (and a way for them to monitor themselves). Hooking up a phone system that records calls is a no-brainer for most sales centers, so using Zoom to record should be even easier!

Recording meetings not only presents an invaluable opportunity for you to assess employee performance, but also allows employees to analyze their own interactions with clients and see areas where they need improvement. It’s amazing how people don’t notice their own verbal and physical tics until they see themselves on camera. A little constructive commentary on your part could really help employees step up their game!

zoom - meetingShow people what they missed.

It happens more often than we’d like to admit: unforeseen circumstances sometimes force us to miss meetings. But with Zoom’s recording feature, you’ll be there even if you weren’t there! If you make it a policy to record meetings, you’ll have an MP4 waiting for you whenever you’re available. That also goes for anyone else who misses out on all the fun.

You can even use recordings as a safe guard. We’ve all had that boss or colleague say to us, “I”m sure I asked you to do that last week!” Now you can use recordings to review the meetings to make sure you didn’t miss anything

Give it a try!

Despite the deceivingly simple interface we present you with, there’s a world of features underneath the hood. Explore them now by signing up for a free account!

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