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Zoom for Government Gets Its Own App Marketplace

Zoom for Government Gets Its Own App Marketplace

Government work relies on effective and straightforward communication. Whether you’re conveying important policy changes or collaborating with personnel on an upcoming mission, you need to maintain reliable and seamless workflows without having to jump between multiple service providers. 

To support this kind of efficiency for our government customers, we’ve launched an App Marketplace specifically for Zoom for Government — our standalone, FedRAMP-authorized platform. 

Integrations for modern government operations 

Similar to commercial Zoom’s App Marketplace, the Zoom for Government App Marketplace includes a library of integrations, empowering you to insert Zoom functionality into existing applications or vice versa. 

To align with our platform’s adherence to federal security requirements, many of our apps on the Zoom for Government App Marketplace will be from platforms and applications on the federal government’s list of FedRAMP-authorized products. Some of these organizations and apps include Microsoft Teams, Cornerstone, ServiceNow, Box, and Slack, with more on the way. 

Details on the new marketplace

We’re thrilled to offer Zoom for Government customers the ability to infuse our technology into existing workflows. A few key details you should know about this new marketplace:

  • You can find available applications on the marketplace by sorting by category or searching by name. 
  • You can install and uninstall apps from your account.
  • Administrators will be able to view their admin dashboard, pre-approve/approve integrations for users, review the Active Apps Notifier Report, and manage email notifications.
  • Every integration available on the Zoom for Government App Marketplace has already completed an app review conducted for the commercial Zoom App Marketplace, as well as an additional app security review for the Zoom for Government App Marketplace.  
  • You will receive notifications explaining that you are responsible for verifying third-party software, applications, or services that you use in conjunction with any marketplace content for compliance with FedRAMP or any other cybersecurity standards.

One-stop shop for secure collaboration 

The Zoom for Government App Marketplace helps expand the reach of Zoom functionality, enabling uninterrupted communication that’s essential for mission-critical work. 

These integrations help elevate how we facilitate seamless and secure communication via Zoom for Government, which has been authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate Level. It has received Provisional Authorization (PA) from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for the Department of Defense (DoD) at Impact Level 4 (IL4) and an Authorization to Operate (ATO) from the Department of the Air Force for conducting IL4 meetings. Zoom for Government also supports HIPAA, CJIS, and CMMC compliance requirements, and has achieved a StateRAMP Moderate authorization.

Learn more about Zoom for Government by visiting our webpage or find us on the FedRAMP Marketplace.

Editor’s note: This blog post was edited on Sept. 22, 2022 to include the most up to date information on Zoom for Government. 

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