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‘We Loved It Immediately’: How Zoom Gallery View Helps Dynatrace Raise the Bar on Culture, Collaboration

‘We Loved It Immediately’: How Zoom Gallery View Helps Dynatrace Raise the Bar on Culture, Collaboration

As a leading provider of application performance management, Dynatrace provides companies with the insights they need to improve their operations. Through the use of AI and the collection of data related to application performance, infrastructure, and user experience, Dynatrace provides IT teams with insights to help them improve operations and better serve their organizations and customers. Here’s how Dynatrace embraced Zoom to improve communications and collaboration.

A need for more personal communication

With a number of large, globally distributed customers, such as SAP, Samsung, and Walmart, Dynatrace wisely leverages video to host meetings between large international teams and provides a platform where employees can collaborate virtually. However, its legacy video solution didn’t allow users to see a large number of participants at one time, and employees were missing that face-to-face communication. 

“We have people all around the world and, at any given time, you might have a call with people in 35 different countries who are working from home or from an office,” said Dave Anderson, Dynatrace’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “And culturally we enjoy communicating with cameras on, as it feels more personal, efficient, and fosters better collaboration. But our legacy systems didn’t allow us [all] to have videos on at the same time, which made communicating and collaborating much harder.” 

“As a software intelligence company, we are really into the performance of software,” Anderson added. “It has to work, and so our employees get really frustrated when software doesn’t work. And it got to the tipping point where we were thinking to ourselves, ‘There must be a tool out there that allows us to run 40 videos at the same time so we can all see each other.” 

Improving collaboration & building a tight-knit team 

Dynatrace implemented Zoom across the organization and found Zoom’s Gallery View to be a differentiator. With the ability to see up to 49 participants at once, Anderson and his teams were able to host more productive meetings and collaborate more effectively. 

“When we started using [Zoom], we loved it immediately,” Anderson said.


Zoom Gallery View
Zoom Gallery View featuring up to 49 video participants


Implementing Zoom also helped Dynatrace’s on-site teams build closer relationships with the organization’s remote teams, who rarely get the opportunity to meet each other in-person. Having a live video connection with their on-site counterparts created the feeling of being part of a larger team, which led to a stronger and tighter-knit unit. 

Dynatrace also uses Zoom Webinars to support its sales teams and drive marketing efforts. Dynatrace’s team members record their sales trainings to create a catalog of resources that are available on demand. 

“We use the webinar feature to do a Monday Solutions Workout,” Anderson said. “It’s a one-hour call, where we go through our sales solutions with everyone from sales, and then they make that recording on demand. A lot of sales reps will also listen to them on their phone while they’re driving around, so they have it available to them when they’re on the road.”

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