Zoom Gives Thanks 2018

Zoom Gives Thanks 2018

Here at Zoom, we have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful for amazing and loyal customers that choose us for their video communications every day. We are thankful for our partners that collaborate with us to deliver superior experiences to our customers. We are thankful for our investors that believe in Zoom and share our vision. Thank you so much!

Last, but not at all least, we are thankful for our incredible team of caring Zoomies that make it a point to deliver happiness to each other and to our customers. We pride ourselves in delivering happiness, and our team is what makes it possible with their day-to-day dedication and going-an-extra-mile mindsets.

Let’s hear from our team – what are our Zoomies grateful for?

“I’m thankful for the team of people that work for Zoom. Over a thousand people that come to work every day and do their best. People that care about Zoom and our customers at the same level I do and people that maintain the culture I want to see in my company – the culture of caring, happiness, and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Eric Yuan, Founder and CEO

“I’m thankful to work with some of the most caring, intellectual, funny, hardworking, and talented people I’ve ever known. What’s more, I’m thankful to be working at a company that encourages and fosters personal, professional, and intellectual growth, and allows us to unlock our greatest potential.” – Shawn Qureshi, Sales

“I am grateful for our leadership, especially with regard to Eric and Greg, for continuing to reinforce our culture no matter the size of our organization. We started from humble beginnings and it’s so important to remember just how far we have come.” –  Kerry Martinez, Sales

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the world by bringing Zoom to my customers. When I hear from my customers that they’ve been able to save lives in South Dakota or bring clean water to rural areas in Kenya because of Zoom, my heart swells and I tear up because I know I had a part in it.” – Anne Kaiser, Sales

“Thank you Zoom for having me come onboard a year ago. I came incredibly excited to be a part of this wonderful and amazing team. I wouldn’t have picked any other place to work. I come in every day incredibly happy and proud of what the company has become and yet to be.” – Priscilla Fong, Security

“I am grateful for a humble and caring Zoom leadership team. They inspire me to put forth my best effort and I feel like I can come to them anytime with anything that’s on my mind and they are there to listen. Love them!” – Stephanie Macon, Sales

“I’ve been completely blessed being able to work at Zoom on a sales engineering team, where they are definitely all smarter than me. I contribute whenever I can, but I am able to learn a lot and be a part of a team that has so much impact on the company. I never feel that I am lost in the grand machine of Zoom, but as an integral piece that keeps moving the company forward.” – Kevin Nguyen, Sales Engineering

“This year, I’m thankful to be a part of a team who values giving back and spreading happiness to everyone, and the leadership who made this a dedicated focus.” – Joe Mancewicz, Sales

“I’m thankful for amazingly talented colleagues, a culture that celebrates our diverse backgrounds, and a company and leaders who know that delivering happiness is congruent with happy clients, happy employees, and a happier world. Thanks!” – Mike Faber, Training

“I am thankful for the people, culture, and relationships here at Zoom. From visits at HQ in San Jose and the warm welcome and hugs I have received to having a Zoom family that cares about you matters. Having people reach out to see how you and your family are doing and providing encouragement, prayers, and thoughts makes it a company that is so much more than a company, it’s a family!” – Steve Jones, Sales

Happy Thanksgiving! The Zoom family is sending you warm wishes for a wonderful holiday celebration! Gather to be thankful for what you have, for the family you love, and friends that you cherish.

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