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Zoom Hardware Partners Offering Discounts, Free Trials for Remote Video Conferencing Needs

Zoom Hardware Partners Offering Discounts, Free Trials for Remote Video Conferencing Needs

An important part of the Zoom ecosystem is our network of amazing hardware partners, who deliver cutting-edge products that seamlessly integrate with Zoom’s platform. With many people globally coping with today’s unique challenges, access to hardware is critical for home offices, distance learning, telehealth, and more. 

To help users adapt to new work-from-home environments and bring video communications into their everyday lives, several Zoom hardware partners are offering free trials or discounts on great home office equipment such as cameras, displays, headsets, and full room kits.

Here are a few Zoom partners that are providing equipment discounts and trials to help enable quality conference experiences in homes all over the world: 

  • Poly: Poly is offering 20% off its headset and speakerphone products right now. Visit the Poly website and apply the promo code Zoom20 when placing your order. 
  • Logitech: Logitech is offering complimentary headsets and webcams to teachers in the U.S who are in need of help with distance teaching. Logitech has also provided great tips and resources to help remote workers drive productivity and stay in touch with their teams. 
  • Neat: Neat is offering free worldwide shipping on its all-in-one Neat Bar, which provides crystal-clear audio and high-quality video in one device. Visit neat.no for details.
  • AVer: AVer is reducing prices for its USB camera product line by 10% to help all affected industries in the US. Get more details from AVer.
  • DTEN: DTEN is offering its Stay Connected program to customers. The program provides a free 30-day trial of DTEN’s all-in-one video conferencing system, which helps educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and businesses connect and collaborate no matter where they are. 

To learn more about our trusted hardware partners and their products, check out our Certified Technology Partners webpage today!

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