Zoom Helps PureFood’s Remote Team Collaborate Efficiently

Zoom Helps PureFood’s Remote Team Collaborate Efficiently

Founded in 2014, PureFood sells natural food products with a mission to spread kindness in the world. For every product sold, they provide a school lunch to a child in a developing country. PureFood is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, yet most of the team works remotely.

PureFood’s team was using Skype for their video communications in the past; however, it didn’t meet all of their needs. The team was looking for a reliable and easy to use solution – intuitive software that wouldn’t freeze or drop a call. Another important requirement for their team was the ability to join video meetings from any device without compromising quality, whether it’s an iPhone or an office laptop.

“When I first launched PureFood, we were fully remote, so I tried out virtually every video communications software on the market. Zoom was an absolute winner due to its reliability and video quality, as well as its flexible pricing model. As a new startup, budget allocation is a priority, and Zoom both fits our present needs and is scalable for the future,” said Felix Leonhardt, founder and managing director of PureFood.

Since management hires a significant number of remote employees, Zoom is frequently used to conduct hiring interviews, in addition to investor, financial, and all hands meetings. Leonhardt said, “The recording feature is our favorite. Transparency is the core of our culture at PureFood, and Zoom enables this by allowing us to record our meetings and make them accessible to every team member.”

The screen sharing feature is another favorite at PureFood. Since PureFood’s designers are spread across Germany, they can’t regularly meet in person to collaborate on their design projects. Sharing a screen with the work in progress during a Zoom meeting makes the work flow seamlessly, rather than discussing the ideas over an endless succession of emails or chats.

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