Zoom Helps Iress Align Dispersed Teams & Gives Growing Global Firm a ‘Small Company Feel’ 

Zoom Helps Iress Align Dispersed Teams & Gives Growing Global Firm a ‘Small Company Feel’ 

Iress is a leading provider of technology for financial services in Australia, and its expanding team and offices span Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and Africa. Prior to Zoom, Iress leaders held local town hall meetings in offices worldwide to share updates with their teams. In addition to ballooning travel costs, this process was inefficient and complicated since some of its offices didn’t have enough space to accommodate such large in-person meetings, leading to additional venue costs.

“What was happening in most video conference meetings was, we were spending about 10 minutes just sorting stuff out,” said Andrew Walsh, CEO of Iress. “We were much more interested in getting the quickest path to the outcome, and the quality of video and audio on Zoom is so good that it nearly replaces physical presence.”

Not only were town halls and other large meetings a challenge to organize, Iress’ teams in different offices felt disconnected from each other due to the lack of convenient video conferencing solutions. After rigorously evaluating multiple solutions, Iress chose Zoom based on multiple criteria, including instant and reliable connections, an intuitive user experience, robust mobile capabilities, and excellent customer support. 

“We love that Zoom just works: one click and you are on — there is no lag, no issues,” said Kelly Fisk, Head of Communications for Iress. “You feel like you are talking to a person as if they are sitting across from you in the room, and that just made things so simple. Zoom has made us a smaller company that’s much more connected and closely aligned.”

Zoom has been instrumental in helping Iress create positive change in its global business. Iress now hosts its town halls using Zoom Video Webinars. The company’s dispersed teams can join from anywhere, all hear essential information at the same time, and truly share in the company-wide experience.

Additionally, Fisk has observed a noticeable uptick in engagement during these events. She said Iress employees now ask more questions through the webinar’s Q&A feature than they ever did live at in-person meetings. Previously, they might have asked one or two questions, but it’s now common to receive 30 or 40 questions and comments depending on the session.

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