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In with the New: Virtual Video Backgrounds, Expanded App Integrations, Added Zoom Phone Features Highlight January Release

In with the New: Virtual Video Backgrounds, Expanded App Integrations, Added Zoom Phone Features Highlight January Release

Happy New Year! Fresh off a year of delivering more than 300 new features to Zoom customers, our engineers are back at delivering the industry-leading innovation our customers have come to know and love! This latest Zoom platform release picks up right where we left off in offering more simplicity, interoperability, and flexibility in your workplace communications.

We’ve released a ton of great Zoom Phone features to further augment your unified communications capabilities, including expanded on-net calling and an additional contact center integration. The Zoom App Marketplace just topped 200 app offerings and continues to roll out new integrations for your billing, recruiting, and project management solutions as well as a new Featured Apps layout to help you find them all. You’ll also get access to some fun new features for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Team Chat.

Here are some of the highlights from our latest Zoom platform release:

Zoom Phone

  • On-net calling to audio conference phone numbers: If you’re a metered and unlimited Zoom Phone licensed user, you can now dial into any Zoom Meeting bridge for no additional charge.
  • InContact integration: Simplify integration with another contact center — NICE inContact — using direct SIP trunking between Zoom Phone and inContact. On-net calling between Zoom Phone eliminates PSTN charges.
  • Merge to a meeting: If you’re on a Zoom Phone call and in a Zoom Meeting simultaneously, you can merge the call into the meeting.
  • Block anonymous calls: Configurable at the account and user level, you can automatically block calls from individuals without inbound caller ID.
  • Dial by name: Using T9 text input capabilities via a Zoom Phone Auto Receptionist, inbound callers can search for a Zoom Phone user by name, eliminating the need to know the direct number or extension of the person they’re calling.
  • Paging/intercom support: Algo & Cyberdata intercom devices are officially supported partners. You’ll see provisioning templates for each in the Zoom Phone “add device” dropdown list.
  • Slack integration: Start Zoom Phone calls from any Slack channel or group direct message. When the “/zoom call” command is entered in a Slack message, the Zoom app presents you with a “Call” button to dial out to your chosen contact via Zoom Phone.
  • Access to automatic call recordings: Admins can restrict or grant users’ ability to download or delete automatic call recordings.
  • Holiday hours: Configure personal call routing rules for holidays.
  • Voicemail greetings: Users can now record and manage up to 10 saved personal voicemail greetings.

Zoom App Marketplace

Zoom continues to build out our portfolio of integrations with critical business applications. New and improved App Marketplace offerings include:

  • Chargify: Stay up to date with customer billing events and account statuses directly in Zoom Team Chat.
  • Enchant Notifications: Receive vital updates from Enchant for your customer support team.
  • Global Relay Archive: Archive meeting recordings, chat conversations, and shared files for compliance and governance.
  • Marketo: Enhanced Marketo user provisioning helps Zoom admins better manage Marketo users.
  • Microsoft Teams: Start and schedule meetings faster. Hit the dedicated Zoom button in your Teams text box in any chat to start or schedule a Zoom Meeting. 
  • Redbooth: Get real-time notifications on recent files, notes, and projects.
  • Splunk: Help your team to quickly notice when interesting Splunk data is found.
  • WorkBoard: Stay up to date on Workboard goals, action items, and due dates.

Zoom Meetings

  • Virtual video background: Windows and Mac users can up the fun on their virtual background game with support for MP4 and MOV video files. 

Virtual Video Background

  • Set your profile picture while in the meeting: You can change your profile picture during a meeting.

Zoom Team Chat

  • Formatting text: Emphasize instant messages with new formatting options, including bolding, italics, strikethrough, and bullet points. 
  • Reply with images, file, and code snippets: In addition to text and emoji reactions, you can get really creative in your messaging replies with support for additional visual elements.
  • New chat apps: Customize and automate alerts from your important collaboration, support, and service apps to ensure you’re in the loop on important updates and issues. And they’re now easier than ever to build.

For the full list of new Zoom features, check out the release notes for Mac OSx, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux platforms, and follow these instructions to upgrade to the latest Zoom version. For additional information, sign up for a customized 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today.

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