Delivering Excellence: How Zoom’s new data center in Jeddah will help drive innovation and growth

Delivering Excellence: How Zoom’s new data center in Jeddah will help drive innovation and growth

In today’s data-driven world, having a local data center in a specific region has become more than just a technological advantage; it’s a strategic imperative and demonstrates commitment to that region. That’s why our new global node in Jeddah is more than “just a data center”. Not only is it our first data center specifically for the Middle East, but it shows how important the region is for the strategic success of the Zoom platform. 

These local facilities serve as the digital backbone for Zoom’s services, offering a plethora of benefits that go far beyond mere convenience. By hosting sensitive information in their region, customers have the option to keep certain data within the jurisdiction’s legal boundaries, which can facilitate compliance with local regulations. 

Additionally, local data centers offer low-latency connections, which are invaluable for businesses that rely on real-time applications and services. Faster data transfer and quicker response times mean smoother operations and happier customers. This is especially important for industries that depend on immediate feedback and rapid data processing to stay competitive. Local data centers can also contribute to the economic growth of the region, helping create job opportunities, attract technology investments, and foster innovation in the local tech ecosystem. 

Commenting on Zoom’s new data center, Dina Alnaser, a spokesperson for Zoom in the Kingdom, said: “The Kingdom is on track to become one of the world’s leading forces in digital transformation through ambitious mega-projects and rapidly developing large-scale digital ecosystems, and we are delighted to have a new global node from which to support the region’s march towards meeting its technology vision.”

Supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, this project is designed to facilitate the delivery of products and services locally to help strengthen the region, as well as to promote skills development among the Saudi workforce. The new Zoom data center has been welcomed by companies in the region and government entities alike.

Teamwork drives success

Of course, such an undertaking is impossible for one company to achieve alone. We rely on local partners and businesses for their expertise and to help us create the infrastructure for our platform in the region. 

The new data center will go live in three phases, the first of which is already complete, over a 24-month period. Each phase will support different components of Zoom’s product suite and steadily increase our ability to localize data, technology, and personnel. The first customers have already moved their data to our new data center, and the onboarding of additional Zoom customers is underway.

Zoom will also use its KSA physical presence to explore the development of innovative technology solutions for the region’s energy sector and aim to accelerate the digital transformation of market sectors including energy, industry, education, and healthcare. In addition, we are planning to open an office in Riyadh, underlining the importance of the market and supporting the Kingdom’s tech-driven vision for the future. 

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