Zoom Leads G2 Crowd’s Momentum Report for Video Conferencing

Zoom Leads G2 Crowd’s Momentum Report for Video Conferencing

Out of 32 solution providers included in G2 Crowd’s 2018 Momentum Report for Video Conferencing, Zoom has received the highest satisfaction score of 100/100 and momentum score of 90/100, making  Zoom the leading pacesetter in the industry.

The Satisfaction score is based on customer contentment in end-user product attributes, popularity, statistical significance (number of G2 Crowd reviews), quality of reviews received (weighed based on thoroughness), age of reviews, overall customer satisfaction, and Net Promoter Score® (NPS) on G2 Crowd.

The Momentum score is based on five main criteria: employee growth, review growth, social growth, web growth, and year-over-year change. Zoom is known for its astonishingly rapid growth, so no wonder it had the highest score of (90), beating out the next highest provider by 25 points.

The two scores combined to give Zoom’s overall Pacesetter score of 93, which is an honor, considering it is based on the reviews of our end users. Zoom beats out the next highest provider by 18 points.

G2 Crowd is an absolutely transparent and trusted source. According to their site, “Keeping our ratings unbiased is our top priority. We require the use of a LinkedIn account to validate a G2 Crowd user’s identity and employer. We do not allow users to rate their employers’ products or those of their employers’ competitors. We filter out business partner ratings in our aggregate ratings to avoid bias. Only the opinion of real users and data from public sources factor into the ratings.”

Note: The ratings in this report are based on a snapshot of the user reviews and social data collected by G2 Crowd through June 6, 2018.

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