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Meeting SDK Updates: List SDK Apps on the App Marketplace, Leverage New Web Component View

Meeting SDK Updates: List SDK Apps on the App Marketplace, Leverage New Web Component View

Zoom’s SDK team is pleased to share another update related to our Zoomtopia 2021 Developer Keynote announcements. We’ve introduced new tools within our App Marketplace to give you additional distribution options, more access controls, and more flexibility in designing your solutions. Furthermore, we’ve expanded our Meeting SDK for Web with a new implementation option called Component View to give you additional placement options for meeting components.

List native Meeting SDK apps on the App Marketplace

With our latest release, you now have the opportunity to list your Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows SDK app on the Zoom App Marketplace. It’s important to us that as we offer solutions from the Zoom Developer Platform that enable you to build integrations that use Zoom functionality, we also provide you with the means for discovery and distribution of your apps and services.

This update also includes OAuth 2.0 and the Active Apps Notifier (AAN). OAuth 2.0 enables end-users to authorize your app and authenticate to the Zoom platform using their existing Zoom credentials  (i.e. via password or Single Sign-On) using an industry-standard protocol and secure integration with Zoom. In light of this improved experience and support for additional login types with this new approach, Zoom has deprecated support for user login through email with this month’s release of Meeting SDK 5.9.0.

With AAN, your SDK-based application will provide the required notice to meeting and webinar participants when a host or other participant is using an app that accesses content, such as video, audio, chat, and/or meeting files during a meeting or webinar. It also provides a quick method for participants to access the App Marketplace details page for your application in order to learn more about it. 

To take advantage of this new opportunity to distribute your app and grow your user base, we recommend that you upgrade your Meeting SDK apps to version 5.9.0 as soon as possible. Please see the Listing Meeting SDK on Marketplace announcement to learn more.

Component View for Meeting SDK for Web

We’re also happy to share that we’ve released a new Component View for Meeting SDK for Web. With this update, you can now embed Zoom Meetings as responsive web components. This allows for a more flexible design and more room for your business logic.

You can move Zoom Meeting components, such as the Menu bar, Video, Chat, and the Participants panel, where you want them on your webpage, while also incorporating the most up-to-date privacy and security features for Zoom Meetings. See the screenshots below for some examples of the main views:

Ribbon View

Gallery View

Screen Share View

See the Zoom Meeting SDK documentation to get started.

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For questions or assistance with listing your Meeting SDK app on the App Marketplace, using the Meeting SDK, or developing any other solutions on the Zoom Developer Platform, please contact Developer Support or use our Developer Forum. Priority developer support is also available with Premier Developer Support.

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