5 Reasons Zoom’s Mobile App is Climbing the Charts

5 Reasons Zoom’s Mobile App is Climbing the Charts

There are situations when you turn to your mobile device for meetings. You know, those on-the-go, can’t-miss-it occasions. That’s when mobile meetings come in handy – whether you are running late to your office, enjoying nature on vacation, or just need to sync in for a few minutes after work hours, Zoom’s mobile app has your back.

Zoom’s iPhone app is ranked third in App Store’s Top Free Apps in Business chart today. For this, we can credit the app’s clean code, powerful features, and user-friendly design that make it highly intuitive and enjoyable to navigate.

Let’s look at five reasons why Zoom’s mobile app is topping the charts.

  1. Several platforms let you join meetings on mobile. But only on Zoom can you schedule, start, and join meetings all from your mobile device – this unique feature set is available for both Android and iOS users!
  2. True mobile collaboration. Zoom’s mobile platform isn’t some weak, skim milk version of Zoom. We went all out. With mobile screen sharing, you can share your entire screen, including and apps, photos, and documents, seamlessly with other participants. You can even record your mobile meetings to the Zoom cloud (paid accounts only).   
  3. If you’re in a Zoom Room, you can wirelessly screen share from your mobile device (or laptop) to the remote and local participants – no cables or dongles required.
  4. Zoom mobile meetings offer high-quality and reliable video and audio, even in low-bandwidth environments. Zoom maintains quality even with 45% packet loss.
  5. Zoom’s iPhone virtual backgrounds offer endless possibilities – no green screen needed! Customize your background to show off your unique personality, whether it’s a beach scene, mountain resort, or the logo of your favorite sports team. You can also use your virtual background to excite your customer – showcase their logo, campus, or product behind you during your meeting.

That’s not all. Android phone users can make whiteboard annotations, while those with iPhones can take advantage of Apple CarPlay. The latter allows you to call a contact and accept meeting invitations from the controls in compatible cars. It gives you a chance to join a meeting on time without being a distracted driver, even if you are running late (note that all Zoom mobile apps offer safe driving mode).

If this is your first time using our mobile app, check out our easy tutorials on how to host or join meetings, use chat, customize settings, and import contacts in both iOS and Android. Regardless of whether you own an Android or iOS, a highly intuitive and smooth user experience is a guarantee on Zoom.

Are you ready to take your meetings on the go without compromising quality, reliability, or feature set? Sign up for a 1-on-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist to learn more about the Zoom app and other products today!

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