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Zoom Invests Additional $30 Million in Neat to Further Innovate the Modern Workspace

Zoom Invests Additional $30 Million in Neat to Further Innovate the Modern Workspace

Hello, all! We’re extremely excited to announce an additional Zoom investment in Neat, a pioneering video device company and one of our trusted hardware partners.

This $30 million investment is our third investment in Neat – bringing Zoom’s total investment to $41 million – and further reflects our companies’ commitment to transforming the workspace through exceptional video experiences.

What does this mean for our customers? Only that we’re tripling down on this partnership, and that you stand to benefit. Neat’s devices are an outstanding complement to Zoom’s communications platform and help deliver an optimal Zoom Rooms experience for our users.

In just two years, Neat devices have transformed workspaces everywhere. Learn more about the Neat Zoom Rooms Appliances available to our customers. We’re excited to further grow this partnership.

“Since Neat’s launch in 2019, we’ve shared an amazing journey helping customers enjoy delightful experiences across meeting spaces – even as the definition of the meeting space has evolved,” said Simen Teigre, CEO of Neat. “We look forward to continuing to innovate and deliver unique technology and advanced capabilities that provide customers with rich and meaningful collaboration experiences throughout the hybrid workplace.” 

Together, Zoom and Neat will continue to deliver innovative video experiences that support new ways of working.

About Neat

With a full range of devices for meeting spaces of all sizes, Neat, in collaboration with Zoom, delivers unique features to support safer and more engaging hybrid working and learning environments. Launched at Zoomtopia in October 2019, Neat and Zoom together continue to push the boundaries on elegant video devices to enable rich, equitable meeting and educational experiences. 

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