Zoom ‘Still Rocketing Skyward’ Across Regions, According to Okta Businesses at Work Report

Zoom ‘Still Rocketing Skyward’ Across Regions, According to Okta Businesses at Work Report

Zoom is continuing to reach new users around the world, according to Okta’s 2022 Businesses at Work Report.

As organizations navigate a period of rapid work transformation, Okta’s report assesses the applications that play a fundamental role in enabling collaboration and innovation.

According to the report, Zoom adoption has continued, expanding in certain regions like APAC and EMEA and across industries like education and technology. The report also reveals that Zoom is:

  • Among the top five apps, ranked by number of customers
  • The fastest-growing app in APAC, ranked by unique users
  • Deployed by 45% of Okta’s Microsoft 365 customers

Here’s a snapshot of some of the key findings from Okta’s report:

Expanding Zoom’s global reach

As organizations around the world look to enable seamless communication, Zoom has become the app they turn to. Okta’s annual report notes, “The video conferencing juggernaut is still rocketing skyward with regional customers, boasting 37% year-over-year growth in APAC and 45% in EMEA. North America drives Zoom’s high global rank, where the app is now closing in on [Amazon Web Services] AWS’ third-place position.”

Most popular by region
Source: Okta 2022 Businesses at Work Report

Zoom is a member of what Okta deemed a “collaboration power trio” — Google Workspace, Zoom, and Slack, which have won a large number of new customers across APAC and EMEA. The trio, the report notes, “provide cutting-edge functionality and usability that companies increasingly view as table stakes for collaboration.” 

Zoom has found footing specifically in APAC, earning the top spot for the fastest-growing app in the region by unique users with a rapid 231% increase.

Fastest growing, by region
Source: Okta 2022 Businesses at Work Report

Zoom prevalent across industries

Whether they’re using collaboration technology to establish a hybrid classroom, elevate client servicing, or conduct virtual care, today’s Zoom users come from a wide array of industries. The report’s findings reflect this variety, as it says, “Zoom’s popularity is even more pronounced in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals, finance and banking, education, and nonprofit sectors, where it ranks as the third most popular app.”

Okta’s findings also honed in on two specific sectors: education and technology. “Education is focused on collaboration with Google Workspace and Zoom. The continued growth of Zoom at the unique user level is impressive after our 2020 Businesses at Work (from Home) report noted that, among customers in the education sector, on March 23, 2020, Zoom had 1941% growth compared to 28 days prior… and of course Zoom continued to attract users.”

Within the tech industry, collaboration-focused companies helped drive app adoption. “Among the tech sector, we still see strong year-over-year growth from that collaboration power trio we mentioned: Google Workspace at 32%, Zoom at 33%, and Slack at 34%,” the report adds. 

Top 5: twice in a row

When evaluated by number of overall customers, Zoom once again nabbed the fifth slot in terms of popularity. It’s part of a handful of applications that experienced incredible growth over the past year, as the report notes, “Our most popular apps are so hot that nine out of 15 grew their Okta customer base by 30% or more year over year. Zoom grew 36%.”

When examining popularity based on unique users, Okta’s report found Zoom’s growth proved to be consistent. “Zoom clocked in at an impressive 42% increase year over year [in unique users], even after its jaw-dropping 195% growth in 2020,” says the report.

Zoom is core to business technology stacks

“The days of being a loyal, one-vendor shop are gone,” the report states. It examined who is adopting additional applications that may complement or augment existing software and found that Zoom was deployed by 45% of Okta’s Microsoft 365 customers.

That trend carries over into EMEA as well, with Zoom jumping up three points year over year to a 35% increase among Okta’s Microsoft 365 customers in the region. It’s also indicative of a larger trend across today’s working world, as Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer, Okta reflects in the report:

“Organizations today understand that one-size-fits-all software solutions are not sufficient for addressing core productivity and security challenges in the workplace,” Jolly said. “That’s why we see Okta customers increasingly supplement their bundled applications with other industry-leading collaboration tools like Slack, Box, and Zoom.”  

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