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Zoom is Now Okta’s Fastest Growing App in EMEA

Zoom is Now Okta’s Fastest Growing App in EMEA

On Wednesday, Okta introduced their first EMEA Business @ Work report, which takes an in-depth look at how organizations and people in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) work based on Okta’s dataset of anonymized customer data.

One big revelation from this report: Okta’s customers are adopting Zoom at a breakneck pace! “Cloud video killed the conference call star. Cloud video conferencing hadn’t quite caught on in the region… until now! While it’s traditionally been the least popular app category in our EMEA network, it appears the tide is turning. Video conferencing application Zoom was the fastest growing app (by far) in EMEA the past six months, with 87.5% growth.

Okta interviewed our head of product, Oded Gal, about why cloud video communications – Zoom in particular – have taken off in EMEA recently. “Video conferencing has historically been bandwidth intensive, and therefore was impractical in many parts of EMEA where Internet architecture was not yet fully penetrated. Fortunately, there have been significant investments in developing networks in the EMEA region. Zoom also works well in low-bandwidth environments, giving us a jumpstart in the region. EMEA is also beginning to recognize the benefits of cloud communications – chief among them: versatility, scalability, and value,” said Oded.

This report follows Okta’s January 2017 report. That report looked at overall trends on the Okta platform and named Zoom the fastest growing app, with 67% growth in the preceding 6 months.

See for yourself why Okta users can’t get enough of Zoom with a personalized 1-1 demo. And be sure to check out the complete Okta EMEA report to learn all their findings.


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