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Zoom Partner Announcement: Slack Shared Channels

Zoom Partner Announcement: Slack Shared Channels

We here at Zoom know better than anyone that all organizations need to work with those outside their walls. Customers, vendors, agencies, and any other external partners help move an organization’s business or mission forward. You need a way to connect with them instantly and on an ongoing basis.

That’s why we’re excited that our partner Slack today announced Shared Channels. Shared Channels enable your internal team and your external stakeholders to collaborate in the same Slack channel in a seamless workflow. This eliminates issues of the past such as login credentials, limited permissions, and multiple windows and workflows. With your apps in shared channels, all your work – and the people you need to work with – are on a single platform so you can work as productively with those outside your organization as you would with colleagues on the inside.

Zoom and Slack have long been partners in workplace collaboration and mutual customers. We first announced our partnership in August 2015, with the ability for customers to type /zoom into their Slack channel to begin an instant Zoom meeting. This integration has been incredibly popular. In fact, over 20,000 weekly users typing /zoom to initiate calls from a Slack conversation.

Now, if both companies in the Shared Channel are Zoom customers, this same feature will enable you to start instant external meetings the same way in your Shared Channel.

Whether you’re part of a small creative firm of 10, or a global corporation of 100,000, you can create Shared Channels in Slack and meet from there instantly on Zoom. No matter what you’re working on or whom you’re working with, Zoom and Slack together have your back.

See Zoom and Slack in action at the Frontiers By Slack user conference today and tomorrow in San Francisco.

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