Zoom Pro Tips: 3 Ways to Create the Audio & Visual Experience You Want

Zoom Pro Tips: 3 Ways to Create the Audio & Visual Experience You Want

Zoom has a ton of audio and video features to help you present with confidence, create an incredible meeting experience for your attendees, and add some fun to your daily meetings. 

Here are some of our favorite audio and video features to help you elevate your Zoom meeting experience:

Background Noise Suppression

Create an audio experience that matches the needs of your meeting with the Background Noise Suppression feature, which allows you to adjust the level of background noise that your microphone captures. 

The low setting is perfect for those who want some soft background music for their fitness class, guided meditation, or team happy hour. The high setting will eliminate all background noise such as dogs barking or your partner’s phone call, creating a distraction-free meeting experience that’s perfect for important meetings and presentations or online education.

Touch Up My Appearance and Adjust for Low Light

Put your best video frame forward with the Touch Up My Appearance and the Adjust for Low Light features. Each feature is controlled by a sliding bar, allowing you to control the skin smoothing/softening or how bright your video frame is, providing you with the tools you need to present with confidence no matter where you are. 

High-Fidelity Music Mode

If music is critical to your presentation or meeting, Zoom’s High-Fidelity Music Mode is the best way to deliver high-quality audio and take your meeting to the next level. This feature disables echo cancellation and post-processing, eliminates audio compression, and raises the audio codec quality, allowing you to provide high-fidelity sound for your music lessons, live performances, or dance classes. 

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