Case Study: InsideTrack & Zoom Keep Students on Track

Case Study: InsideTrack & Zoom Keep Students on Track

insidetrack logoCheck out our newest case study: InsideTrack and Zoom Help Students Stay on Track! This case focuses on InsideTrack, which provides tech-enabled distance learning coaching solutions for colleges and universities to increase student enrollment, graduation, and career readiness.

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How InsideTrack Zooms w/ Distance Learning

We spoke with Caleb Wibbenmeyer (right), Sr. Manager Business Operations and Finance at InsideTrack, about his company and their use of Zoom. InsideTrack uses Zoom for everything. We’re not exaggerating here. “We use Zoom for everything. We went to a distributed workforce two years ago. Zoom is the primary method of meeting. It’s our conference room. I just leave it open all day so people can jump in and out,” explained Wibbenmeyer. He isn’t the only one – InsideTrack has Zoom Rooms set up across their offices in San Francisco, Portland, Nashville, Denver, and Egypt. “Anyone can connect and start working and sharing anytime over Zoom,” said Wibbenmeyer.

Zoom isn’t just for team meetings at InsideTrack. “We run our company all hands on Zoom, and our sales team makes heavy use of Zoom – particularly for demoing our mobile app with Zoom’s mobile screen sharing,” said Wibbenmeyer. They have even integrated Zoom into their programs. For example, InsideTrack coaches use Zoom to video conference with the students they’re supporting.

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InsideTrack also makes frequent use of Zoom’s Slack integration. They conduct most of their asynchronous communication and project management over Slack, and enter /zoom when they want to escalate a Slack group into a Zoom meeting. Wibbenmeyer explained, “When someone asks a complex question, it’s quicker to just start a Zoom meeting than sit here typing out my response. Zoom plus Slack makes distributed workforces work.

Learn more about how InsideTrack uses Zoom for team collaboration, and how they vetted platforms before deciding on Zoom by reading the complete case study.

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