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Zoom Released New Enhancements & Features for Meetings, Webinar, Phone, and More

Zoom Released New Enhancements & Features for Meetings, Webinar, Phone, and More

This past weekend we released new enhancements and features for the Meetings, Webinar, Chat, and Phone services of the Zoom unified video communications platform. While you can get all the details on our knowledge base, below is a high-level overview of our favorite new features. You can update your Zoom apps by visiting

Zoom Phone: From Phone Call to Video Meetings

Zoom Phone is a modern cloud phone system available as an add-on to Zoom’s Meetings service for US and Canadian customers. As announced at Enterprise Connect, Zoom is innovating our newest service at a breakneck pace. Among the features just released for Zoom Phone:

  • Elevate Zoom Phone Calls to Zoom Video Meetings: Allows users to seamlessly transition a Zoom Phone call to a Zoom Meeting without requiring each party to hang up and manually dial back in.
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning service integration to Polycom and Yealink: Reduces the time required by IT administrators to set up and deploy Zoom Phone connected devices by removing the need to manually enter a provisioning URL into each phone device.
  • Personal Mobile Contacts: You can now view and call your personal mobile contacts from the Contacts tab of our mobile app.
  • Block Callers: You can block calls from numbers directly from your call history or voicemail.

Meetings and Webinars: Get More Control

We’ve developed several new features that help admins, hosts, panelists, and participants have more control over the meeting or webinar experience. Among these enhancements:

  • Recording Consent: We now offer recording consent, which requires the participant(s) to accept being recorded before it begins. This can be set at the account, group, and user-level by the account admin. The consent is stored along with the recording. This is particularly useful in regions with dual consent laws.
  • Disable chat: The host can disable participant chat during their meeting or webinar.
  • Identifying Annotators: The host can also select the option for Zoom to identify which participant is currently annotating the shared screen in their meeting or webinar.
  • Rename Participants: The host can turn off the ability for participants to rename themselves in a meeting. This is a handy feature for our education users, especially anyone teaching middle schoolers. 🙂
  • Flexible Layout: Zoom’s desktop app layout is now more responsive. You can still choose landscape (wide) or portrait (narrow) layout, and now you can also drag to resize your window to any size.

All the Good Stuff

The rest of our new April features are designed to provide you with more flexibility, functionality, or just make your day a little easier.

  • Siri Shortcuts: From your iOS devices, you can customize your Siri commands to start or join an ad hoc or scheduled meeting, or have Siri read out a list of your upcoming meetings.
  • Alert when available on Zoom Chat: If you need to meet with someone, but their presence indicator is showing a red (unavailable or in meeting), you can set an alert to notify you when their availability changes to green.
  • Secondary Audio Device for Ringer: Never miss another call! Incoming call notifications can ring on multiple devices. Now available for both Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone.
  • Automatically Save Whiteboard: You can whiteboard your ideas easily in Zoom Meetings and Zoom Rooms. Now, you can whiteboard on multiple pages instead of just one, all of which can be saved to your device.
  • Audio Watermark Notifications: Last year Zoom released audio watermarks, a security feature that is able to identify the source of any leaked Zoom audio. Now, if enabled, participants will be alerted if audio watermark is turned on, which should help deter anyone from even thinking about recording and leaking the audio of a meeting.

You can update your Zoom client by visiting If you’d like to learn more about any of these features, check out our knowledge base or sign-up for a customized 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today.

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