Zoom Into Remote Desktop Control

Zoom Into Remote Desktop Control

With so many awesome and wide-ranging collaboration features available to you with Zoom, it’s entirely possible (and understandable) that you may not be aware of them all. A good example of this might be Remote Desktop Control which, as the name suggests, gives meeting participants the ability to request or grant control over individual shared documents or entire computers. Nifty!Live Demo

Ok neat, but what are the practical applications?

There are many potential uses for remote computer control. Here are a couple use-cases that stand out:

  • Service and Support: Facilitate remote support and troubleshooting of technical or other service-related problems on clients’ remote computer systems
  • Document Collaboration: Live team collaborative co-editing of documents including spreadsheets, proposals, or other presentations
  • Education and Instruction: For example, iAnimate.net uses Zoom remote desktop control to teach animation

Imagine your newfound lack of frustration! Instead of trying to explain to someone where to put their mouse – “A little to the left and then click” – or what word you want fixed – “Remove the second word in paragraph 4, line 3” – you can just jump in there and do it for them!

How does it work? Just like everything else we’ve designed…Easily! 🙂

To give control: Once you have shared your document or computer screen, click the Remote Control button on the right-side of the meeting controls (as seen below), and select from the drop down the meeting attendee that you wish to allow access. They will then have access and you will see any actions they are taking on your computer. If at any time you need to regain control of your computer, simply click anywhere on the screen and the remote control link is disconnected, giving you back control.Grant Remote Control Image

To request control: Once any participant’s document or screen has been shared in a meeting, you may request to gain mouse/keyboard control via the Zoom controls (as seen below). Simply click on the Options button and select “Request remote control.” They will then be able to grant or deny you access to their document or device.

Request Remote Control Image

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