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New! Zoom Revenue Accelerator available in 12 additional languages

New! Zoom Revenue Accelerator available in 12 additional languages

Plus, get Zoom Revenue Accelerator in the Zoom client, bi-directional integrations with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot, and more!

Clear and effective communication is critical in the workspace, especially during a sales call. Zoom Revenue Accelerator, our AI-powered conversation intelligence solution, helps you enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your communication with data-driven insights about your sales conversations. 

Our global users have been eager to start using this ground-breaking new solution, and we’re excited to announce we’ve launched a beta for 12 additional languages! We also have additional updates that will help you and your teams leverage AI-driven conversation intelligence. 

Conversation intelligence in more languages 

Zoom Revenue Accelerator is going global! To give more of our users access to the critical insights available with Zoom Revenue Accelerator, we’ve added an additional 12 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Dutch, and Ukrainian.

You don’t even need to select your language. Simply start talking and Zoom Revenue Accelerator will recognize the predominant language in the conversation and process it accordingly. If you want the transcript to be in a different language, you’re one click away from changing to another supported language. 

While you’ll see that many Zoom Revenue Accelerator features are available for our 12 additional languages, there are a few features coming in 2023 such as Summaries, Smart Chapters, and filler word analysis.

Be sure to contact your Zoom representative to start a trial, we’d love to hear your feedback!

More features for you 

But the innovation doesn’t stop there! We have a ton of new Zoom Revenue Accelerator features to help you get more out of your conversations.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator in the Zoom client

You can now access Zoom Revenue Accelerator directly in the Zoom client, giving you faster access to your data-driven insights.

The new “Collaborator” user role 

Adding a user as a Zoom Revenue Accelerator Collaborator gives access to basic post-meeting analytics without provisioning a full Zoom Revenue Accelerator license. Learn more here! 

Bi-directional integration with the Salesforce and Hubspot

Automatically sync deal progress and enrich your customer relationship management (CRM) data with critical conversation metrics and analytics when you integrate Zoom Revenue Accelerator with Salesforce and Hubspot.  

Hubspot Integration

Discover what’s possible with Zoom Revenue Accelerator

Want to learn more about how Zoom Revenue Accelerator can help your teams reach their full potential? Visit our webpage! And register for our webinar to get a deep dive into some proven sales strategies to help you start the new year strong. 

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