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Zoom Revenue Accelerator: Conversational intelligence for sellers

Zoom Revenue Accelerator: Conversational intelligence for sellers

Video has revolutionized sales communication, with 67% of sellers saying it is easier to close deals with their video feed turned on during their sales calls. What if you had a solution to help you identify the most and least effective strategies in those calls and improve your techniques for the next call?  

With Zoom Revenue Accelerator, a conversation intelligence software for Zoom Meetings, sales teams can gain meaningful and actionable insights from their customer interactions to improve seller performance and enhance customer experiences.   

Enhancing your sales IQ with conversational AI

Zoom Revenue Accelerator analyzes customer interactions to surface key insights, actions, and content from sales meetings. Sales leaders can also use this data to help make better-informed management decisions regarding their sales teams.

Zoom IQ for Sales analytics

Here are just a few of the metrics Zoom Revenue Accelerators analyzes during conversations to generate insights: 

  • Engaging Questions – Asking customers engaging questions is a critical step in the sales process. Zoom Revenue Accelerator records each time a customer responds to a user’s question, helping salespeople refine their questions and how they ask them.  
  • Longest Spiel – Research shows that on average, people will remember only 10 percent of your presentation.  Within the recording overview, users can quickly see how long and fast they talked to make sure they’re keeping conversations concise.
  • Next Steps – Providing clear next steps for your customer is a key aspect of priming their brain to make a decision. The solution records each time a salesperson outlines the next step in the sales process for their prospective customer, providing managers with critical insights into how their salespeople are encouraging their customers to act and making it easy for sellers to refer back so they don’t forget.  

With actionable insights based on proven sales strategies and a wealth of data, organizations can streamline the new sales rep onboarding process, create a modern sales methodology, and further develop their sales teams.  

With great customer insights comes great power

You can also use Zoom Revenue Accelerator to enhance individual and team sales performance by: 

  • Providing personalized feedback – Shadowing calls and reviewing sales calls takes a lot of time and effort, especially in large sales organizations. Zoom Revenue Accelerator provides managers with a visual solution to easily identify areas of improvement for both sales individuals and teams. 
  • Making evidence-based decisions – Getting a holistic and intuitive interpretation of data relating to sales performance can be difficult and expensive. This conversational intelligence solution enables sales teams to easily review conversational analytics that can help them make important decisions regarding where to direct their efforts and investments.
  • Enhancing seller productivity – Keeping track of your calls, accounts, and where you are in the sales process is a challenge, especially with a long list of clients. Zoom Revenue Accelerator can help enhance seller productivity with automation, quick search functionality, and more, creating a more seamless and organized customer experience. 

Discover the power of conversational intelligence

Visit our Zoom Revenue Accelerator webpage to learn more about how this conversational intelligence solution can help you and your sales team improve performance and enhance the customer experience. 

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