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Zoom Rooms Hardware Highlights – Spring 2019

Zoom Rooms Hardware Highlights – Spring 2019

While recent software upgrades are making Zoom Rooms more intelligent and collaborative than ever, we’re also continuing to expand our hardware partnerships to make it easier for customers to purchase and deploy Zoom Rooms. Here are a few new happenings on the Zoom Rooms hardware front.

Logitech - Zoom Rooms

Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms are now shipping globally

These kits include all the components you need to get your Zoom Rooms up and running. Available in small, medium, and large configurations, these systems include a Windows IoT computer with pre-installed Zoom Rooms software, a Logitech conference cam, PC mount with cable retention, the Logitech Tap touch controller. All you need is a display. Check out Logitech Solutions for Zoom Rooms, which are now shipping globally.


Crestron Flex Kits for Zoom Rooms (orderable now)

Crestron Flex Kits come with pre-installed Zoom Rooms software and include all the components you need for a variety of Zoom Rooms environments. To simplify deployments, the new Flex Kits include options like a smart soundbar that consolidates a camera, speaker, and microphone into a single device, or the Mercury speakerphone with a built-in, native Zoom Rooms Controller. All Flex Kits include HDMI capture and a Windows IoT computer along with a Crestron touch screen controller to combine industry-leading user experience with an enterprise-grade room controller. Crestron Flex Kits works natively with Crestron’s award-winning XiO cloud provisioning, monitoring, and management platform for zero-touch management and business analytics. Check out Crestron for Zoom Rooms.

New partnership with Lenovo

The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 for Zoom Rooms is a meeting room system integrating mics, speakers, and Zoom Rooms Controller into a single compact device. This offering will be available starting in July 2019. For more information, visit Lenovo’s ThinkSmart webpage.

Polycom - Zoom Rooms

Single-cable option for Polycom Trio 

Poly Trio with native Zoom Rooms Controller integration is now available with a single-cable connection option that carries audio, control, and power over the network. For more information on how to set up a single-cable Polycom Trio for Zoom Rooms, check out this support article.

Shure - Zoom Rooms

Pro audio favorites from Shure become Zoom Certified
Now available, Shure provides the first pro audio DSP system with Zoom Rooms certification, including mute sync integration with Zoom Rooms using the IntelliMix® P300 audio processor and Microflex®Advance™ ceiling and table array microphones

Additional hardware highlights

Other recent Zoom Rooms hardware highlights include:

  • DTEN debuted a 75-inch version of its all-in-one DTEN D7 for Zoom Rooms for Touch at InfoComm 2019. It will be available in October 2019. Pre-orders are being accepted now. 
  • HP developed three computer-based conference room solutions that are pre-configured with Zoom Rooms software. You can read more about it in this blog post.
  • Yealink is now shipping its Yealink CP960 kits with pre-installed Zoom Rooms software. The kits include a computer, controller, microphone, and speaker — all you need is a display. You can order the kits here.

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