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‘We Were Hooked From Day One’: How Zoom, Zoom Rooms Helped Save the Children Transform Communications

‘We Were Hooked From Day One’: How Zoom, Zoom Rooms Helped Save the Children Transform Communications

For more than 100 years, Save the Children has helped to create a brighter future for children by providing them the safety, protection, healthcare, food, and educational opportunities they deserve. The nonprofit’s programs have been instrumental in changing the lives of over 1 billion children in 120 countries, and the organization relies on a dedicated and agile workforce to ensure those efforts can continue as long as there are children in need.

In this case study, Charlie Germano, Senior Director of IT and Security Operations for Save the Children US, talked about the importance of reliable video communications for Save the Children’s initiatives. Here are some of the reasons, in Charlie’s own words, why his teams love Zoom and Zoom Rooms, and the impact the platform has had on Save the Children.

Internal communications vastly improved

“Half of our employees don’t work out of our headquarter buildings, and that meant that half of our employees weren’t getting [important internal] messaging because we didn’t have a great way to broadcast video over distance and at scale. Zoom was able to solve our issues with the all-staff calls right out of the box.”

The conference room experience did a 180

“I can’t tell you how much better our experience is in the conference rooms. Just being able to walk into a room and start a meeting with one click on an iPad is amazing. My IT team’s lives are much easier now.” 

Employees drove adoption

“Often when you introduce a new tool, you have to drag everyone else along for the ride. But in [Zoom’s] case, it was an IT leader’s dream, where your own employees drive the adoption of a new tool. We were hooked from day one.” 

Zoom is hardware agnostic 

“I love that Zoom is hardware agnostic because I’m not chained to a certain hardware provider. We can use less expensive equipment, and if we don’t like what we have, we can just switch it out.”

It’s easy to prove Zoom’s value

“Being able to show senior leadership how we are using this product [through the Zoom Dashboard] lends credibility to the whole platform. It really makes my life easier when I can show the value of a product because, ultimately, it’s about whether or not you’re getting a return on investment. And I believe we are.”

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