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Zoom + Slack: Building a Deeper Partnership for Our Customers

Zoom + Slack: Building a Deeper Partnership for Our Customers

First, let’s catch up. Zoom and Slack have long worked hand-in-hand to deliver the best collaboration and communications experiences for our end users. In 2015 we first announced our integration by popular demand, which allows users to type /zoom into their Slack channel to start an instant Zoom meeting. In 2017, we announced our support for Slack’s Shared Channels where users from different organizations can work together in Slack. Our joint customers love our integration with Slack. It is one of the most popular apps in our App Marketplace. In fact, over 10,000 Slack teams now use the integration each month.

Today, Zoom and Slack CEOs, Eric S. Yuan and Stewart Butterfield, are sharing the stage at Slack Frontiers to discuss how we’re working together to make unified communications truly frictionless for our users. This includes handy features that we’ve recently released (like deeper calendar integrations) and some brand new ones on their way (hello, Zoom Phone integration!), all meaning you’ll spend less time on meeting logistics and more time actually working together. We’re expecting these new features to be available to our joint users by the second half of 2019.

We’ve developed a joint roadmap to make meeting with your teams on Zoom and Slack totally frictionless. Here are the deets:

Manage Zoom Meetings in Slack

With the next version of the Zoom + Slack integration, users will have more context into team meetings and discussions. You can already launch a Zoom meeting from Slack—just type /zoom. Soon you’ll not only be able to start or join a meeting but you’ll also see meeting details and who’s in the call before joining—all from within Slack.

You can also ask your Slack admin to change the default setting for your workspace’s phone icon to Zoom. Now every time you click the phone in Slack, you’ll launch a Zoom meeting.

Give someone a call over Zoom Phone

Need to quickly connect with someone on the phone? With the upcoming Zoom Phone integration, you’ll be able to make calls to Slack users over cellular data or WiFi connections. All you’ll have to do is pull up the Slack profile of the person you want to call and click the phone number they have listed.

Save time with Smarter Calendar Integrations

Slack’s Outlook Calendar and Google Calender apps already include a feature that allows you to join Zoom meetings with the click of a button. Both apps notify you in Slack of your upcoming meetings, and for meetings that include a Zoom link, calendar notifications have a handy button where you can join the call right from Slack.

Both Zoom and Slack are committed to building the next generation of tools that power collaboration in the workplace. If you’d like to learn more about Zoom’s powerful workflow integrations, including Slack, check out our App Marketplace today or sign up for a 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist.

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