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Introducing Zoom Team Chat Interoperability with Mio

Introducing Zoom Team Chat Interoperability with Mio

Instant messaging solutions have transformed our ability to collaborate. With solutions like Zoom Team Chat, employees are empowered to engage in quick, efficient, and informative exchanges that streamline collaboration and can give users access to a seamless hub where teams can share important resources. 

However, organizations and teams often maintain a range of disparate solutions, forcing users to hop back and forth between platforms to communicate internally. This friction can often lead to inefficiency and missed messages. To help our customers enhance the flexibility and efficiency of their communications environment, we’re launching an integration with Mio that enables Zoom Team Chat users to easily chat directly with other internal employees using Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex by Cisco. 

Mio integration

Empower seamless instant messaging across chat tools

Employees in the modern workspace love the efficiency and flexibility of chat, but they only experience that efficiency and flexibility when they use a chat solution that they understand and that best meets their needs. The Mio integration allows users within an organization to send messages between Zoom Team Chat and Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex so that everyone can chat with each other from their preferred instant messaging platform

There’s no need to navigate to a separate app or draft a special message within Zoom Team Chat to message users leveraging different chat solutions. Once your Zoom admins have linked your chat solutions, all you have to do is type a message in Zoom Team Chat, choose your channel or recipient (even if they’re not on Zoom Team Chat), and voila, they’ll receive your message.

Streamlining the enterprise environment with Mio 

The modern enterprise environment is constantly evolving — the search for the most effective solutions, mergers with other companies, and the preferences of different teams and employees create environments where multiple chat solutions are in use. 

Currently available in the US, the Zoom Team Chat integration with Mio empowers teams to streamline operations in a modern enterprise environment without disrupting communications or investing significant resources. Here are just a few of the ways the Mio integration can streamline your enterprise workspace experience: 

  • Simplifying mergers: Empower your teams to maintain efficient communications during and after a merger by seamlessly linking multiple different chat solutions together. 
  • Providing greater freedom in communication: Enable your various teams to leverage the chat solution that most closely fits their needs and use cases without increasing the burden on your IT teams.
  • Migrating to Zoom: Any successful migration takes time — introduce Zoom Team Chat to your teams while giving your employees the freedom to communicate on the platform they are currently using to gradually move users over as they get more comfortable with the change. 

Get down to business with Mio

To discover how this new integration with Zoom Team Chat can help streamline your inter-enterprise collaboration, contact our sales team to get started and learn about licensing with Mio.

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