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Tips for Using Zoom Team Chat in Your Student Group

Tips for Using Zoom Team Chat in Your Student Group

With schools now offering online, hybrid, or in-person classes more frequently, it can be challenging to ensure student organizations remain united. Recruiting new student members has been even more of a challenge, especially in online or hybrid formats. 

As a former leader of a student organization, it was often a challenge to find the best way to communicate with existing members and engage new members – until I found Zoom Team Chat. Zoom’s messaging solution allowed me to enhance member collaboration and engagement while making it easy for new members to join my student group!

What is Zoom Team Chat?

Zoom Team Chat is the free messenger app located in the Zoom client. Unlike other online chat platforms, you don’t have to pay for Zoom Team Chat – with your school’s Zoom license, Zoom Team Chat is available when you download Zoom on your device. 

Using Zoom Team Chat, you can chat 1:1 with the students, faculty, and staff at your school with the click of a button, or set up channels for coordinating class projects, connecting casually or professionally with your peers, and collaborating with your student organization.

Here are some helpful tips for student organizations using Zoom Team Chat:

Create folders for each organization, team, or project

Categorize chats with individuals and groups and create channels for important announcements in specific folders for improved organization.

Create group chats for different teams or projects within your organization

Members can collaborate with each other on specific tasks and receive help and information from leadership in organization-wide channels. This allows for easy access to past messages and files, especially during later in-person meetings.

Highlight important information

Pin and bookmark messages to remind your organization’s members about relevant or upcoming information such as an event or deadline to help ensure important information doesn’t get lost in larger channels. 

Create channels for members to bond over mutual interests or shared classes

Fun channels where members can share a passion for shared interests like “Runners” or “Movie Lovers” are easy to join for members already in the organization – no invite needed! Simply search the channel name and you’re in. Students in your organization that are taking the same classes can also connect by creating channels for relevant courses such as “Econ 113 Class Chat.”

Don’t hesitate to shift shorter meetings to Zoom Team Chat

Clearing out our meeting schedule by communication over Zoom Team Chat helps mitigate meeting fatigue and encourages working together with less stress, less screen time, and more flexibility. 

Zoom Team Chat can easily be used on desktop and mobile devices

Members can work together on the go between classes using mobile devices or even in the same room by sharing files over Zoom Team Chat! Sick, traveling, or fully remote members are always able to remain connected to their teams.

Use Zoom Team Chat’s Google Calendar integration to show your status

Members can show if they’re available or busy with school or work with Zoom Team Chat’s presence indicator, making it much easier to schedule impromptu calls or meetings.

Join a voice call or meeting with the click of a button

Call or meet with members of a channel or individual members instantly by clicking the phone or video icons in the upper left corner of the chat, allowing you to leverage features like screen sharing, meeting recording, and reliable voice communications at the click of a button. 

Make sure your student organization is always connected, no matter the learning format! To get started with Zoom Team Chat, visit our Learning Center for more information or check out the Chat tab in your Zoom application!

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