Zoom Tips For Educators: Attendee Attention Tracking

Zoom Tips For Educators: Attendee Attention Tracking

Note: The Attendee Attention Tracking feature was removed from the Zoom platform April 1, 2020.

Cool feature alert! Attendee Attention Tracking in Zoom can help you monitor your students’ attention to your shared presentation. Whether it’s a video, a powerpoint, or your desktop, if Zoom is not the app in focus on a student’s computer you will see a clock indicator next to their name in the Participant box (looks like nobody’s paying attention in this meeting!).

It may also be helpful to let your students know that you will be grading this metric. In the virtual classroom, anything you can do as educators to facilitate engagement and attention will translate to continued success in the classroom.

Less Lecture and More Discussion? Rely on Video

Attention Tracking is only active during a shared presentation. If your class is heavy on discussion, ask your students to enable video when there is not a screen being shared. The ability to see and be seen by the instructor and fellow classmates can increase accountability, and therefore attention, in the classroom.

Reports Will Track Attendance and Attention for You

Using Zoom reports, you can download the list of students who were present for each of your classes and their attention “score” (as a percentage of total time in the meeting).

Log into your Zoom web portal and navigate to the “Reports” tab. From the available reports, select “Usage,” set the date or date range of your class, and click on the participant count (far right) of the meeting you want to review. You can export this list as a .csv file.

You will see a list of class attendees with their attention scores.

Please note that you may see duplicate entries. This likely indicates an individual leaving the meeting and then re-joining.

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