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‘It Hasn’t Slowed Down’: Zoom the Top Video Conferencing App in Okta’s Businesses @ Work 2020 Report

‘It Hasn’t Slowed Down’: Zoom the Top Video Conferencing App in Okta’s Businesses @ Work 2020 Report

Zoom also continues to be one of the fastest-growing, most popular workplace apps overall

Today, Okta released its annual
Businesses @ Work 2020 Report, which breaks down the latest trends across workforces and provides an in-depth look into how organizations and people work today. We’re proud to announce that Zoom continues to see unprecedented adoption in the workplace and is by far the most popular video conferencing solution among Okta users!

According to Okta user data, Zoom is a top app by number of customers and by active unique users, and it also continues to be one of the fastest-growing business applications out there. In fact, Zoom has appeared in the top-10 fastest-growing category for four straight years!

According to the 2020 Okta report, Zoom is:

  • The No. 7 most popular app by number of customers
  • The No. 10 fastest-growing app in the workplace
  • A top-15 app by number of monthly active unique users 

“We give a special nod to Zoom, the only app we’ve seen in the top ten fastest growing for a remarkable four years in a row, originally premiering at #1 in 2016,” the report says. “Zoom also earns the rare distinction of being a top app by number of customers, a top app by active unique users, and a fastest-growing app, all at once. Folks, we’re seeing a world record first for both achievements!”

A preference for Zoom video

With Okta customers estimating an average of 88 apps in use as part of their 2019 tech stacks, Zoom continues to be one of the most popular workplace solutions. But Zoom’s unparalleled combination of popularity and growth also demonstrates the ever-increasing need for simple and reliable video communications in every organization. 

When it comes to enterprise video conferencing solutions, Zoom is hands-down the preferred app, according to the Okta report.

“Zoom was the #1 fastest growing video conferencing app in 2016, and it hasn’t slowed down since,” the report says. “Over the past three years, Zoom has enjoyed an astounding 876% growth in the number of customers in our network. For comparison, second-place Cisco Webex grew 91% over that same period.”

Zoom technology actually appears twice on this list. The No. 3 app, RingCentral, white-labels Zoom’s technology for video conferencing.

Okta Businesses @ Work 2020 Report: Video Conferencing

The report also forecasts Zoom’s continued dominance as the preferred video conferencing application in the workplace.

“The video conferencing segment has room to grow before reaching maturity. IDC forecasts a 7.1% compound annual growth rate for global unified communications and collaboration solutions between 2019-2023, increasing the market size to $48.3 billion by 2023. Of course, network effects have a powerful impact on the adoption of video conferencing apps, so it will truly be an uphill battle to dislodge Zoom from its perch.”

Zoom a top app in best-of-breed strategies

Also of note is Zoom’s increasing importance in best-of-breed technology approaches. The report evaluated whether companies that used Microsoft Office 365 suite get everything they need from it and “commit to an exclusively Microsoft environment.” The answer more and more is “no,” and the data demonstrates just how much these organizations prefer Zoom as their primary video communications provider.

Among Okta customers using Office 365, 32% also deploy Zoom. The report also notes Zoom’s gain of 24% in that category over four years as “especially noteworthy.”

Okta Businesses @ Work 2020 Report: Best of Breed

Check out the full Businesses @ Work Report from Okta for a closer look at how modern organizations are getting their work done. Or schedule a personalized demo to learn how Zoom can unify and elevate your business communications today!

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