How Zoom Helps UCP Seguin Deliver Life-Changing Services to the People Who Need Them Most

How Zoom Helps UCP Seguin Deliver Life-Changing Services to the People Who Need Them Most

All members of society deserve the chance to live a fulfilling and productive life, and UCP Seguin has taken that idea to heart by ensuring that the disabled members of society aren’t left behind. Formed in 2013 after a merger between Seguin Services and United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Chicago, UCP Seguin is a nonprofit social service agency that specializes in providing life skills, assistive technology, counseling services, opportunities for meaningful employment, and homes for adults and children with disabilities and special needs.

UCP Seguin delivers these life-changing services across its seven day-program sites, 75 group homes, and 110 family homes for children in foster care. However, UCP Seguin is also dedicated to producing better caretakers through employee training programs, which helps UCP Seguin teach its team members important new skills while improving the services it can offer. Delivering these services and training sessions are at the core of UCP Seguin’s mission, and as the organization has expanded, its communications infrastructure has become increasingly important.

Joseph Mengoni, Vice President of Residential and Clinical Services at UCP Seguin, recently joined us for a discussion about Zoom’s role in delivering these critical services and training sessions, and the importance of implementing a cost-effective communications solution for a nonprofit.

On the challenge of meeting in multiple offices

“We have seven different sites. And I kept asking myself, ‘Why am I driving 15 to 20 miles from my office to the main office for a one-hour meeting?’ It just didn’t make any sense.”

On Zoom’s ease of deployment

“We planned on hiring an IT firm to set up Zoom in our offices, but that was too expensive. We decided to set it up ourselves, and it was actually very easy. I’m not an IT expert, but I was able to install and set up all the components myself.”

On Zoom’s cost, efficiency benefits

“One of our sites is a 90-mile roundtrip, so I’m really interested in seeing the reduction in mileage reimbursement. Employees can just hop on a computer wherever they are instead of driving in, so we save a lot of time and money, and it doesn’t take them away from the participants that need them.”

On the importance of video-enabled live training sessions

“With Zoom, participants have the ability to ask the presenter questions during the training sessions rather than watching a pre-recorded session. And being able to ask these questions firsthand leaves them better prepared to handle these kinds of situations.” 

Read the full case study to learn about how UCP Seguin is using Zoom to improve the lives of countless people with disabilities and special needs.

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