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Introducing Zoom Ventures, Zoom’s Global Investment Arm Driving Ecosystem Innovation 

Introducing Zoom Ventures, Zoom’s Global Investment Arm Driving Ecosystem Innovation 

Today, we’re proud to unveil Zoom Ventures, Zoom’s global investment arm aimed to drive innovation in the Zoom ecosystem and advance global companies aligned to Zoom’s core platform and adjacent markets. Zoom Ventures will focus on supporting aligned companies across the investment spectrum.

Zoom is a leading video communications platform today in part due to the investor and ecosystem support we received when Zoom was a startup more than 10 years ago. It’s our goal to drive ecosystem innovation for like-minded organizations through Zoom Ventures.

Core tenets of Zoom Ventures

What kinds of companies will Zoom Ventures invest in? That most certainly will vary, but it’s important to us to partner with companies that align with Zoom’s core platform and adjacent markets and focus on delivering happiness to their customers.

These organizations could be building solutions to revolutionize the modern workspace, innovating hybrid workforce collaboration, or delivering exceptional customer experiences. No matter the company, Zoom Ventures offers more than a one-time capital investment. We’ll also support our portfolio companies as a value-added strategic partner by helping them to:

  • Build trust with their investors, partners, and customers;
  • Benefit from the expertise and advice of Zoomies and our ecosystem; and
  • Turn their visions into reality through a foundation of empowerment.

One core component of Zoom Ventures already underway is our Zoom Apps Fund, a $100 million fund designed to support partners building apps and integrations on the Zoom Developer Platform. Since August 2021, we’ve invested in more than 25 portfolio companies building innovative solutions with Zoom. We’ll continue to explore new investment opportunities in our developer ecosystem to help deliver more innovation for our customers.

Follow the investment in innovation

We look forward to continuing to advance additional innovation in our ecosystem and beyond with Zoom Ventures. Read more about our goals on Zoom Ventures webpage, and follow our progress via our dedicated LinkedIn page.

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