Zoom Breaks Down Some Awesome Version 2.0 Features

Zoom Breaks Down Some Awesome Version 2.0 Features

Zoom_iPhoneAppStore_Interface-1Last week, we announced the addition of several new features with our Zoom Version 2.0 release. Although all the features are valuable, today, we wanted to provide some more information about some of the more exciting new Zoom Version 2.0 features and why they matter.

New Video Layout
A new video layout means the pictures are in gallery view. This gives Zoom users the ability to view all participants at once  in a “Brady Bunch” style layout instead of having to scroll to see everyone.

Dial In From Your Phone
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) allows participants to dial into a Zoom meeting from their phones. This is great for those people who aren’t able to connect on a tablet or computer, but still need to be included.

Remote Control and Annotation Capabilities
When a Zoom user shares their screen, they can give participants the ability to annotate or control the screen. Typically, these useful features aren’t available with other software companies.

Dual Feeds
Another feature is the ability for dual feeds to go to dual monitors allowing you to see the meeting on one screen and what someone wants to share/present on the other screen. Current web meeting companies don’t offer this feature.

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What features are you most excited about and why? 

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