Zoom vs Influitive: An Epic March SaaSness Championship

Zoom vs Influitive: An Epic March SaaSness Championship

A friendly competition has never been so friendly, or competitive as this!

Zoom has reached the Championship Round of the 2016 March SaaSness competition! In our penultimate contest, we face our most formidable opponent yet in the battle for ultimate business SaaSyness bragging rights: Influitive. Like Zoom, Influitive has not only beat, but crushed every competitor in their path. Stunning opponents with remarkable comebacks several times.

SaaSness is not just about bragging rights. Our CEO, Eric S. Yuan, has entered into a gentlemen’s agreement with Influitive CEO Mark Organ. The stakes? $1,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice as well as Zoom’s Napa wine vs. Influitive’s Canadian brewskis. So help us earn our charity of choice some cash, score us a case of beer, and, most importantly, secure Zoom’s total and absolute SaaS dominance: VOTE FOR ZOOM!

This gentleman’s agreement was recorded during a Zoom Video Conferencing meeting and has been made public for all to see (see below).

Note that voting ends Tuesday April 5th @9PM PST. We need your help over the next 24 hours! It’s simple and takes about 10-seconds of your life.

Don’t forget, VOTE FOR ZOOM!

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