Meet From Literally Anywhere: Zoom Virtual Background

Meet From Literally Anywhere: Zoom Virtual Background

Your business and the work you do is important, critically important. You know this, we know this, and you should know that we know this 🙂 You understand. This is why we take a strong User-Focused UX approach to running our business — from product development all the way through to our customer service and support operations — we have strategically aligned our operations to best impact your business communications and collaboration. Our latest Net Promoter Score Results support this and we’re proud to have received such high marks, well above our competitors and that of SaaS industry standards.

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Sometimes however it’s nice to focus on things of a slightly less than critical nature, things that are fun and allow for creative deviation in the ways people work together — the Zoom Virtual Background feature is just that. The Zoom team is always looking for ways to innovate and improve, it’s part of our long tradition and experience in real-time collaboration technology.

Learn how to setup Zoom virtual backgrounds by watching this video.

What creative ways have you used the virtual background feature? We’d love to see your (Rated G) inspirations! Tweet us here and use hashtag #VirtualBackground — we’ll be sure to share them with our audience!

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