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Benefits of Virtual Recruiting at Capital One: More Diversity, Faster Hiring

Benefits of Virtual Recruiting at Capital One: More Diversity, Faster Hiring

Highly collaborative, people-centered, and always interested in taking employees and company goals to the next level, Capital One prioritizes helping its workforce stay efficient and productive, both inside and outside the office.

As Capital One embraced video communications to connect its global and remote teams, that same technology also unlocked a fresh approach to recruiting. Streamlining the recruitment process and accessing diverse talent meant Capital One could more efficiently build teams and better support its growing customer base.

“Zoom is, I believe, the ideal tool to suit the culture that we are and the culture that we are proud to be,” said Nikita Steals, Vice President of Tech Talent Acquisition at Capital One.

By embracing video communications to rethink how they source and recruit talent, Capital One saw:

  • Recruitment event attendees double
  • A more diverse candidate pool emerge 
  • Recruiters quickly build rapport with candidates 

Here’s more on how the company reimagined its recruitment efforts with Zoom. 

Reaching a larger, more diverse group of talent 

Capital One used to assemble sizable teams to plan large, in-person events and visits to colleges and universities. These visits had strict schedules, and students had limited time to interact with the Capital One teams. 

“Zoom allowed us to virtually be there and interact in many of the same ways we would interact in person as a substitute for always traveling,” said John Keegan, Senior Director of Recruiting at Capital One.

Capital One even doubled the number of event attendees without increasing the total number of its recruitment events. 

“I see remote hiring as a force multiplier. It allows us to reach geography and demographics that we otherwise would not have,” Steals said.

Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. By shifting to Zoom, Capital One has tripled its engagement with historically black colleges and universities and Hispanic-serving institutions. Virtual recruiting events allow recruiters to build better relationships than they have in the past when there were more travel and scheduling constraints. 

Building rapport with candidates quickly

Because of the demand, tech candidates have very limited time during recruitment events, and that did not change when things went virtual. Companies need to be agile and move quickly. Recruiters need to be able to build rapport and establish that human element with ease. 

“Zoom creates that personalization,” Steals said. “The various filters and settings within Zoom help us to capture the mood and capture the moment.”

Breakout Rooms and the chat function help recruiters maintain activity and engagement throughout virtual events. Capital One also incorporates whiteboarding for both interviewing as well as training and development sessions.  

“We very much want to be able to meet students where they are, and research shows students are expecting to have that flexibility even after the pandemic,” Keegan said. “Remote recruiting is here to stay.”  

Steals added: “The product works. How would we have done this without this amazing tool?” 

Creating an inclusive business environment

Learn more about how Capital One embraced video communications to enhance virtual recruiting and create a more inclusive, collaborative environment for its global workforce.

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