Zoomies Give Thanks: What We’re Grateful For in 2021

Zoomies Give Thanks: What We’re Grateful For in 2021

This past year has given us a lot to be grateful for at Zoom. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary and a decade of ongoing support and loyalty from our wonderful customers. We also marked exciting news and product milestones to support all the ways you collaborate, driven by our amazing and dedicated employees. 

We’re thankful to be part of how the world connects and to help more than half a million businesses globally with their critical communications. We’re incredibly grateful that we can play a role in helping organizations of all sizes stay connected and do more together. We feel tremendous gratitude to the Zoomies that play such an important role in our company, as well as the customers, partners, and vendors we work with every day.

This Thanksgiving, we asked Zoomies what they’re most grateful for in 2021. Here’s what they had to say:

“After an amazing internship experience, I’m grateful to work at Zoom full-time. This has been an amazing year of personal growth and self-reflection. I like to give back by helping students out with resume reviews, how to get interviews, and answering their questions about all things Product Management. Looking forward to meeting fellow Zoomies in the Bay Area and flying to my home country to see my family after a LOOOOONG time.” 

Aakash Alurkar, Product, San Jose, USA

“I am thankful for a company that provides paternity leave not only to fathers of biological children but also to fathers of adoptive children. I show my gratitude by being fully present with my family.”

Scott Beystrum, Customer Success, Kansas City, USA

“I’m thankful to be at a company that gives so much importance to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I’m proud to be part of more than one ERG, where I can find people like me, I can share my experiences, and most important: I can be myself at work.” 

Jaquie Rosa Elgin, Customer Success, Denver, USA

“They say there is no place like home. Yes, it is true! There are no words to compare how thankful I am to be able to work at home, sending happiness to our customers, to be with my family, healthy and safe, and to be able to collaborate with the ‘awe-Zoom’ peeps all over the world. Kudos, Zoom and Eric Yuan! I am forever grateful!” 

Miriam Joy B. Equiron, Technical Support, Manila, Philippines

“I am thankful for our baby boy’s health, his heroic medical team, and Zoom. Our baby was born very prematurely and required a lengthy NICU stay. Zoom’s technology enabled us to collaborate effectively with his vast medical team and family. Zoom’s parental leave allowed me to be in the hospital every day getting him ready to come home and thrive. We have so much to be grateful for this year.” 

Johanna Fox, Enterprise Sales, Grand Rapids, USA

“I am very thankful that my family is healthy. In 2020 I lost several relatives to COVID — that was a wake-up call to some family members. Being healthy is like winning the lottery! I know everyone loves ‘stuff,’ but as you get older the only thing that truly matters is FAMILY. I love sending cards, notes, and little gifts to friends and family letting them know how much they mean to me.” 

Nicole Gray, Customer Success, Atlanta, USA

“I am thankful for community! This past year has reminded me of the importance of being surrounded by the people I love while we each support each other in any capacity that we can. Everybody needs somebody. I show gratitude to others during this time of year by verbally telling them how much they mean to me.” 

Briuana Green, Zoom Community, Global Self Service, Memphis, USA

“I am thankful for working for a company offering products I truly believe in. My hubby and I had our wedding in October, but we were heartbroken that none of our family members could come due to the travel ban and the pandemic. Luckily, we broadcast the entire wedding ceremony and reception so our family and friends who could not attend were able to celebrate with us via Zoom! This meant a LOT to us! Thank you Zoom for keeping us connected.”

Lucie Wang, Zoom Phone Engineering, San Jose, USA

Lastly, we’re grateful to YOU — our customers — for choosing Zoom for all the ways you connect with friends, family, colleagues, partners, patients, students, constituents, and more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Zoom!

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