Zoom’s Customer-Centric Culture

Zoom’s Customer-Centric Culture

Starting from day one, Zoom’s Founder and CEO Eric Yuan, has preached that our mission is to develop a people-centric cloud service that transforms the realtime collaboration experience and improves the quality and effectiveness of communications forever. What does this mean? It means that we are creating a platform that is easy, flexible, and most importantly, just works, every time, for every meeting. Stability and quality are paramount to Zoom’s service.

This customer-centric mission is not just talk. It has informed every aspect of our business. No team, no employee works outside of this mission. Easy said, but let’s look at how it’s done.

Product Development

We’re fortunate to have customers that speak their minds. They let us know when something isn’t as good as it should be or when there’s a new feature they want us to add. We’ve been able to build such an amazing product because we listen to this feedback. Every idea gets sent to Eric and engineering leadership so they can assess its feasibility and add it to the roadmap if they think it could work well in the Zoom platform. Here’s a short list of some features we’ve added recently in direct response to customer requests:


  • Two-stage authentication
  • Zoom Rooms PSTN call-out
  • Ability to send email invitations from Zoom Rooms
  • User and group management
  • Audio-only meetings
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Ability to hide non-video participants
  • Microsoft Lync plug-in
  • Lock screen sharing
  • Dial-out to H.323 and SIP endpoints

And many, many more! (Note that some of these features are not available to all types of Zoom accounts.)

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is working 24/7 to make our customers happy. Customer Success helps Zoomers via Zoom, email, chat, and phone.

Nick Chong, Head of Customer Success
Nick Chong, Head of Customer Success

The Zoom platform is actually essential to the success of this team. We had a brief chat with our head of Customer Success, Nick Chong, who summed it up in some impressive facts: “Zoom’s support team has more employee-customer video sessions than any other company in the world. These video meetings allow us to achieve the highest customer satisfaction rating and resolve issues in the shortest time, because face-to-face interactions on video allow for better communication and stronger relationships.”

To learn more about our customer-centric culture, check out this interview with Global Account Executive Corey Lindberg on the Small Business Smart Solution podcast (Corey is introduced at around 17:13 of this video). You can also try Zoom for yourself by signing up for a free account – no strings attached! – or requesting a live demo today!

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